Naruto Theories (Spoiler Alert !) What's your take?
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Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/30/11
Hello chao_sweetie here..

Long time reader, first time poster.

Let's get this thread started.
1st Naruto Theory :

Danzo + Tobi (Madara) = Same Person

(Yea yea... you have heard this a million times..)

Evidence : None really.. Got a hunch and women's intuition is pretty accurate.

1) First, Danzo didn't seem surprise at all when Tobi showed up.
2) Madara's sharigan is at the same place Danzo's bandage is.
3) Madara is a eye collector just like Danzo.
4) Danzo and Madara has wrinkles in the same place.
5) Both think their leadership alone can make the world a better place.
6) Got the same mullet bed head hair style. (two people can't equally have the same bad hair day.. can they ?)
7) I do not think Madara is the real Madara. If he is the real one... why cover both Sharingan's ?
8) Madara knows too much about the Konaha in the here and now for someone who was "killed" hundreds of years ago.
9) Madara was upset Itachi gave his power to Sasuke. Why collect more and more eyes unless Madara is incomplete like Kakashi.

My evidence isn't concrete, but hey if I can figure out the ending of Inception.. then this will be easy..Hey if Danzo isn't Madara.. I will buy you a soda..

2nd Naruto Theory :

What did Itachi give Naruto ?

I do not know about anyone else, but I do not enjoy big black things being forced down my throat. (You got a sick mind )..... but Naruto was given a power from Itachi.

My Answer: He gave Naruto his left eye that contains the Tsukuyomi (The genjutsu that traps an opponent's mind in an illusory world)

My Evidence :

1) None really.. but it makes sense if he did.
2) He gave Sasuke.. His right eye that contained the Amaterasu instead of both eyes.
3) Madara thinks Sasuke has both eyes.... but Sasuke has only used Susano O and Amaterasu but not Tsukuyomi.

If Sasuke had Tsukuyomi, he would have used it, instead of Susano O and Amaterasu. Susano O and Amaterasu seem really hard on the eyes.. like a 500lb fat chick in a G string on the beach. You want to look away, but it's hypnotic like a lava lamp. Kind of the same thing.. sort of..

3rd Naruto Theory: Final Battle- Naruto vs Sasuke

I think Naruto will use Tsukuyomi to trap Sasuke in a illusory world with his family and tribe still alive. Basically, this is going to end like inception.. Sasuke will be trapped in his happiness forever..

I think this is how Naruto can save Sasuke and shoulder with the burden of his decision as the Next Hokage.

Whoooaa... that was long winded., but Please give me your take. Also please post give an explanation of your theory or any contradiction of my theories. Please keep this light and fun.

Theory one : Danzo +Tobi = Same Person
Theory two : What did Itachi give Naruto ?
Final Battle Theory : Naruto vs Sasuke

TEAM HINATA !!! The Perfect Couple ^__^
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