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Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(yeah. I always wanted to make people fall in love!)

thinks: At least she hasn't mentioned great-grandma Eleanor yet!
"Um, okay... well... want to go explore?!?!?"
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"Okay! Want me to read the Lady at the desk's mind to find out where all the fun stuff is?"
(she noticed that she was Eleanor's great-granddaughter and the next in line when she read her mind to find out her powers, but didn't say anything and pretended she didn't know because she also read that she was very touchy about the subject.)
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"she won't be very useful. if my sources are correct, she hasn't gotten out of that chair in a century."
"let's just go on our own. It's more fun that way!"
(to the abandoned stage if you want)
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(ok i made my next post at the abandoned stage)
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*Maki wakes up, yawns*
Maki: hey where is everybody?
*walks out of room, stops and a small wind blows around her (she was reading the wind)
runs to the abandond stage.
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