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Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/10/11
(Actually, no. not at all! I just feel like I'm in a bubble when I'm in front of a mic because i try to make eye contact with everyone.)
*gets text from human world*
Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/10/11
*pulls out a crystal ball from her backpack and contacts her sister*
"Hey sis, what's going on in the human world?" she asked.
"My guess is that someone went a bit overboard with wish granting and granted everyone's wishes for the day. It must've taken amazing power, honestly." she replied.
"I think I know who did it."
"Really? Who?"
*she looks at Em for a moment.*
"Hmmm.... Not telling."
She cuts off the crystal ball and returns it to her backpack.
"Well, a super powerful wish granter struck the humans today, so I guess our work is done." she told Em.
Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/10/11
"Honestly? You keep a crystal BALL in your backpack?"
*looks at well hanging from clouds*
"how many humans would be surprised to send a bucket down the well for water and get back a girl?"
Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/10/11
*thinks about it*
"Hmm... maybe 93.76%? Are you planning on putting children in wells to scare people..? "
(XD she's supposed to be joking but still xD)
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/13/11
"we should wait until Halloween."
Posted 5/14/11 , edited 5/14/11
"Alright. So, if we aren't going to go through the well, what should we do?"
Posted 5/14/11 , edited 5/14/11
"i mean, to send someone up the well like that. we could hide in a lamp or your crystal ball until someone draws us up then get out when they aren't looking for now."
"maybe not."
Posted 5/15/11 , edited 5/16/11
"Hmm... That might take a while. How about we just ride my broom up the well?" *Pulls a magic broom out of her backpack*
(Her backpack is enchanted to hold bigger things and more things than it should be able to.)
Posted 5/15/11 , edited 5/16/11
(hmmm...enchanted backpacks. We're not in Kansas anymore!)
"I guess..."
*begins walking towards gate*
(to the gates!)
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