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Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/14/11

bledroses wrote:

you could also probably use some liquid smoke early on... if you want a smokey flavor for a oven done recipe....

Awesome stuff man... I got friends who do their family reunion down in your yonder state... and they are always raving about the food... very very awesome to get to see it broken down...

I would probably like child said want to try and make a sauce... or add to the rub.... indeedy... but yours looks like it would be able to be paired nicely with a lot of different things...

could you shred it for sandwiches... or does it only do slices well?

Thanks glad you enjoyed it. This ain't Cajun, like I said this is just to show a technique. We'll get to Cajun latter. I warned Pam, and L (child) that most of my recipes are high maintenance. I wasn't sure using a forum to post a recipe would work especially if I'm doing it in real time, but on some of the more drawn out ones, I'll be able to get some feedback while it's happening. So this is a trial run, and so far it's working. Hey, I got your feedback, and liquid smoke, *screams, and holds up a cross* would work. = )

That's exactly what I did with the leftovers. Pulsed em in a food processor, popped em into a crock pot, added some more sauce, and went to work. Eight hours later when I got home. Well, you get the pix.......I make a great sauce, but it's not as good as Rays. People win major BBQ cook offs with that sauce. = )

ChildofNight wrote:

Ill bet it melts in your mouth. makes me want to do it too....but what would my husband say if my briskit was better than his! OHHH IM SO IN!!!!MUAH HAHAHAHAAA! all do remember the last time I tried this with my grill I burnt my eyelashes off while I was lighting it! *looks innocently at LS* I think I know what I did wrong. I think. I wonder how I can get my grill that hot. AND OMG should I spray the Pam before I light the grill. Not that Im scared or anything...hell I even moved the damn thing away from the house! LETS GO!!!!!!* going shopping.*

Your right, It dose flare up but not bad. We definitely have to start a flambe thread. You guys joke about that, but that's some good eating. = )
Posted 8/7/11 , edited 8/7/11
I am the firestarter......the twizted firestarter! I want in! Ill try it. After that briskit Id follow your directions right off a damn cliff! LOL
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