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Posted 1/14/08 , edited 1/14/08
Make you own Hit Man Rerborn Char.
well i know some of you guys like to cos play or role play so lets get this ri8

i know there is a thread out there like this! but this is for the group so i hope you guys wont mind =)

just fill this up

Ring: (its ok if you dont like rings)
Skill you posses:
Image/Photo: (optional)
Group (optional)
Finishing Move:

ok ill start

Name: Dollmage (real name unknown =))
Ring: Thunder

Weapon: Double sided Hook Dagger size of a kodachi see image above / knives + wire

Skill: Ability to make use of Thunder and Lightning conjure electricity by hand, hit daggers with li8ning then trow them with containing high voltage


(pixel art by me ~dollmage~)
Group: N/A (but it would be good to be the captain of varia hehe and add new faces)

Finishing Move: havent tot of a name but its where u infuses countless knives with electricity after it hit you fuse the daggers with thunder and strike the enemy in an X pattern hehe (i know its to exage haha but thats what i did on my rpg xp project)
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Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/1/08
Name - haven't think XD
Ring - cloud ^^
weapon -cards or fan ( haha impossible o.o)
skills-cards will freeze ppl (wa haha ) fan make fire ^^
Group- not sure maybe none? o.o
finish move- haha maybe freeze the person and unfreeze him? um... nope not a nice attack... let me think
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Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/30/08
This is QUITE childish but I'll do it anyay. ^^

Name: Desmond Tiny, short form: DesTiny
Ring: Corrupted Sky, also darkness
Weapon: A pair of Tonfas like Hibari's!!
Skill you posses: White coloured reborn flame, ability to stun opponent when hit. summon dark energy balls, elite level fighting skills, summoning skills, and maybe more...
Finishing Move: Summoning of "The Emperor of Darkness", which will hellishly attack the enemy.

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