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Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/3/11
○ Name :Vanessa sky dragon

○ Age : 9000


tip of shadow dragon:slifer/shadow

○ horn Color:silver normal red when mad

Skin color :black top red bally

Eye Color:red

Interest : ,Darkness,Destruction,destroying villages, all 3 bakuras , trying to find other dragons like me shadow games,dark gods,dragons of darkness,apophis ,zork ,

○ Dislikes : Mortals, , my dragon father ,dragons of light

○ Location :shadow lands

favorite color : bloody red shadow black any dark

my elements ar :fire ,water ,ice,wind ,earth,poison ,fear ,shadow,shadow fire, lava, ,time, yeg yag,

my ka,s :apophis

friends: any dark person as an ally and bakura

○ Status : Single has not found a king yet


titles: the black demon ,the terror of the sky, the black she devil,queen of the black dragons, the queen of the shadow realm queen of the shadow lands

info :she is the queen of all dragons i am Vanessa the queen of the shadow lands and all its glory i am none as the terror of the sky and demon of the desert i have a ka and it is the snake lord apophis challenge me if you dare i am very big for a dragon my size i take any and all friend requests i am a twisted god evil in all ways i am not afraid to bare my fangs at anyone i have all elements except light i am the grand daughter of the grate death wing i am and will be everything he is i am i will do everything for bakura even kill for him i will do anything for him so watch your words when talking to him plz
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