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Posted 5/3/11 , edited 5/3/11
I don't understand why you guys keep offering me 30 days free. I've tried it once I think I immediately turned it off a week later. My major complaints then were that the whole ROKU thing is in general poorly done.

Too often videos won't load unless you repeatedly press play for upwards of 15-30 minutes. To random videos that say unavailable after you watch part of a season. To listings of episodes of videos that are not available.

Why have it listed under any title, if the video is no available? Why are certain videos out of 20+ say a season not available? Why is the category so poorly done I know which videos are Korean yet if you go under the Korean category there mostly missing. Why is this in general so poorly done?

I'll never pay for a service which videos only run some of the time and which videos can be missing mid season.

If your going to offer me 30 days free, offer it to me AFTER you sort out your issues. I would love to support Crunchyroll especially for its Korean content, but not as is and I never will till these issues are solved.

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