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Posted 9/1/11 , edited 9/1/11
took some freebies! love the group btw
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Posted 9/3/11 , edited 9/3/11
i took a shinee freebie! i love yur freebies!!!!!!!!
Posted 10/30/11 , edited 10/31/11
Took nothing, but I wanted to share a fun little activity to your group. Its called 'Don't judge me'. The rules of the game are to send 1 message to 5 friends of the opposite sex.

The message must say in the box in top of ur msg: Sorry to bother.
In the body of your message, you should type: Can you please save the picture on this link, upload it on the reply and send it back please? thx, its for a future avi.

(type in tinyurl link)

Note: The link must be dirty in some way, but credible enough to be posted as an avi. for example a person in their underwear doing a sexy pose. Your friend should not say anything about the picture or any reference to your interests in the picture. If they do, they have failed the test and now you can run it as a statistic and place it on your profile. Eg: 2/5 girls will judge on a man's definition of awesome.And vice versa.

This is a good game which can sometmes end up with your friends unfriending you, so do it at your own risk, or people that you don't care losing. and remember, all 5 friends must be from the opposite sex to you, as it's supposed to leave them thinking 'O....K.............'

Remember to post the statistic on your About Me !
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