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MAG - Massive Action Game
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Posted 5/5/11 , edited 5/6/11
I Noticed that there were no forums for such a fun game :D
256 player combat with vehicles, etc. who could resist? :D

Sure, the graphics aren't as amazing as the newer fps games like Battlefield and CoD, but I'd say the game stands on its own with its own unique style.
(And the fact that if you don't use teamwork, you're pretty screwed.)

If you do play MAG, what faction do you belong to?
I've played with all three, but the one that I'm most accustomed to is SVER.
Sure their guns and helmets look like used garbage, but out of all 3 factions, I've kicked the most ass alongside fellow SVER comrades .

I liked Valor because of its traditional military values.
Raven is also fun for its more advanced (Halo)armor and weapons.

(I wonder if anyone here plays still? )
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