Genie of the Sacred Mountain: Chapter 6: Not everything that counts can be counted.
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You chan, Genie of the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 6: Not everything that counts can be counted.

‘Someone told me once, that nights like these… will always be followed by a promising new dawn. All three of us huddled together: You chan and I, along with the cute little red fox – Youko chan taking a nap on my lap… everything seemed so… perfect, in a weird kind of way,’ I thought.

“I think we have had enough sake for tonight.” You chan said with a sleepy look in his face. “Let’s go inside before you catch cold,” he added, while he gently picked up Youko chan from my lap and cuddled her close to his chest like a little sleeping child.

“He would definitely make a good wife… Huh?” Shocked, Shin dropped his jaw, after realizing, what he just said, “Damn!” As he briskly ruffled his hair with his fingers, ‘I can’t believe… I just said that!’ Shin thought to himself.

Mesmerized by the bright stars in the clear blue sky, Shin could not take his eyes off them… until he passed out on the veranda.

“Just as I thought….” You chan said, as soon as, he slides open the door to check out on Shin. “You haven’t change at all… you’re still a big baby.” He whispered as he picked up Shin, letting him rest within his arms like a bride whose about to cross over the threshold.

“Just by merely looking at you; my heart beats faster… I Love You… Shin….” You chan kindly whispered, “I’ve waited for so long…. And until, you remembered; who you really are… I will keep you safe.” He added, while gazing at him, sleeping innocently by his side.

The break of dawn was heralded with the sound of the Shinto Shrine Monk’s synchronized voices as they perform their morning martial arts exercises on the Shrine grounds.

“My head hurts….” Shin murmur as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Should I kiss it better…?” You chan, whispered with a naughty smile on his dial. Before, he crawled in under the blanket.

“Hey! What are you doing down there?”

“Kissing it better… what else,” You chan’s muffled reply, underneath the blanket.

“Damn! You….” Shin’s last reluctant reply, before he succumbed into pure ecstasy.

“Should I, keep going…?” You chan softly whispered… soon after, slithering his way on top of Shin’s bare moist skin.

“Of course, what else can I say; hurry-up! Before, I change my mind….”

Without any further hesitation; they indulged themselves into pleasurable intimacy. While the synchronized voices of the Monks practicing down on the grounds echoes…. The restlessness brought forth by the pressure building up from within them… subsequently, ruptured! Aaaah…!

Liberated from their throbbing bodies, they rest above the clouds of the seventh heaven together... peacefully. Even though their hearts were still pounding, and their heavy breathing haven’t been subsided yet… side by side. Eventually, they fell asleep….

The sun was at the highest point in the sky by the time Shin woke up. Just as when he starts to wonder, where You chan was.., the door slides open….

“Good afternoon sleepy head….” You chan’s opening remarks as soon as their eyes meet. Carrying an elevated wooden tray containing a pot of tea and a couple of tea cups, as well as what seemed to look like a plate of steamed red bean buns. “Care for a quick bite with a cup of lemon and ginger tea?” You chan asked with a sweet smile.

Shin sat upright and simply nodded.

While You chan was carefully pouring the tea, the lively scent of lemon and ginger filled the room.

‘It’s well over a month now… (Shin recalls). I still can’t believe that the person right in front of me pouring tea is basically an alien entity. What makes me feel, even more baffled was the fact that, we’ve been screwing like rabbits, and yet… here I am, still clueless… sigh.’ Shin thought to himself without being aware that he was uninterruptedly staring on You chan’s face.

“Do I have something on my face?” You chan asked, as he courteously lean over to Shin holding a cup of tea.

“So.. sorry… I did not mean to… stare.” Shin’s startled reply.

“Have some tea, I brew it myself… I hope you liked it.”

“Tha… thank you.” Shin bashfully uttered upon accepting the tea cup.

You chan poured another cup of tea for himself and then… took a sip. Afterwards, shin follow suit.

“It’s sweet… how lovely!” Shin statically burst out.

“Speaking of something sweet, the pictures of blossoms that you have previously taken were the ones that attracted most of the humming birds in this area. Probably because they are the variety that produces the sweetest nectar… that no one can resist…. Apparently, not even you… Ha ha ha!” You chan teasingly exclaimed.

“Hmmm… This red bean bun taste great! Did you make this as well?” Shin asked after polishing a couple of them already.

“Those steamed red bean buns are Youko’s specialty, everyone here… loves them.” You chan replied candidly.

‘Great! Now I’ve seen everything. I’m probably the only useless carbon based organism in here-- how depressing… Sigh. I guess, asking them; why do they eat normal food, when they don’t really need to… would be downright obnoxious thing to say… ’ Shin thought quietly.

“Oh yeah, pictures; I haven’t seen my camera and my gears for a while…. Where are they?” Shin asked, while still clinging on a half eaten red bean bun on his hand.

Suddenly out of the blue.., “Hey! You nearly bit my fingers off…!”

“Yummy!” You chan replied while still licking his lips. “Your camera and your gears…. Yeah! I stored them over there….” He pointed his finger towards the drawer under the shelves, located on Shin’s left hand side.

“Gochisousama deshita!” Shin respectfully uttered. As he returned the empty tea cup back on the elevated wooden tray next to You chan.

“Have you seen, a blue yukata around here somewhere…?”

“Yup! I’m wearing it.” You chan replied with a devilish teasing look on his face again. “If you really want to wear something… you can wear… me, anytime and anyplace.”

‘Gees, this guy certainly knows a lot of pick-up line… unbelievable!’ Shin thought to himself.

‘Not everything that counts can be counted. And you are definitely one of those…. My dearest, You chan.’ Shin thought, as he leaned over and gave You chan a sweet little kiss on his lips. “Thanks for the offer…. I’ll keep it in mind.”

To be continued….
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HEH! You! I love it---the pictures too! Haha! Keep it going, Koji!
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I'm flattered, Jenny... *Blush*

Thank you... Honestly, most of the stories are still heavily edited. Otherwise, I might end-up kick out of this site. Ha ha ha!!

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Hahahaha! Then I won't be happy if you do get kicked out!
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