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Best boss-battle soundtrack of all time!
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M / Inside My Head
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11

As for me I must go with this epic soundtrack from the hardest boss, I have ever tried, and the only one I haven't beaten.....
The soundtrack is from a game called Vexx. My very first PS2 game. God dammit I hate Dark Jabu!
Boss fight
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Even this dude fails, but nails it in the end and therefore gets to experience the most badass ending ever!
Share your favorite boss soundtracks
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11
no final fantasy vii i think had the most awesome soundtrack
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
One Winged Angel the theme tune anytime you fight Sephiroth.

He was ROCK SOLID in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, I had to level up to 90 to beat him and get a special Keyblade from Hercules World. Its an optional boss battle, but you get to see cool vids with Cloud and Squall in them so I had to do it. I tried 500 times to beat him all together, and when I did I screamed and threw my controller in the air. When that Operatic intro starts, you just know the evil git is gonna whoop your ass. He has 11 life bars to get through, and if he hits you once you can't come back from it because he'll turn it into a combo and take out all but 1 HP. That music kept my heart pumping so fast lol.
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
heh i really like The Last Remnant boss music as well as random fighting music lol
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Dracula Battle from Super Castlevania 4

Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Definitely Final Fantasy X. I love every song on the soundtrack.
Double Dragon on NES was great for me too.
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34 / M
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11
Hm... Perhaps the coolest boss theme I have heard (or the coolest that I can think of at the moment) is the boss battle with Zero-Two in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Not familiar with the music? Check it out!
Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/8/11
And that old guy at the end of FFXIII
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26 / M / I'm not sure yet.
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
The final fight between snake and liquid MGS4. forgot the name though.
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22 / M / it doesn't matter
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
When fighting Jecht in FFX or Sephiroth in FFVII
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25 / M / Sydney
Posted 5/10/11 , edited 5/10/11
The True Mirror ~guitar ver~ - Baten Kaitos
The Valedictory Elegy ~guitar ver~ - Baten Kaitos Origins
Battle 2 - Final Fantasy 4
Four Fiends of the Elements - Final Fantasy 4
Last Battle - Final Fantasy 4
The Decisive Battle - Final Fantasy 6
Clash on the Big Bridge - Final Fantasy 5
Decisive Battle - Romancing SaGa Minstrel
I'll Face Myself - Persona 4
Gym Battle Theme - Pokemon Red/Blue
Overcome Difficulties - Tales of Phantasia
Fighting of the Spirit - Tales of Phantasia
Galdes Battle - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rings of Fate
Ultra Violet - Devil May Cry
Unfounded Revenge - Mother 3
Battle with Ninetales - Okami
U.N Owen was her? - Touhou 6: EoSD
Heian Alien - Touhou 12: UFO

There are a lot more that I can name.
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24 / M / U.K
Posted 5/20/11 , edited 5/20/11
A contest of Aeons-the chocobo version

Also 'only a plank between one and perdition'
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29 / M / Online playing......
Posted 5/20/11 , edited 5/21/11
Oh, come now, nobody remember's the "big boss" music from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars? Best piece of boss music ever.
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Posted 5/23/11 , edited 5/24/11
No Ys or Legend of Heroes?
I am dissapoint.

Termination (Against Kain Fact/Darm) -
Final Battle (Against Dark Fact) -
Chase of Shadow (Normal Boss) -
Strongest Foe (Against Galbalan) -
Dark Beasts as Black as the Night (Normal Boss) -
Shock of the Death God (Harder Boss Battles) -
Mighty Obstacle (Normal Boss) -
Ernst (Against Ernst) -
The Depth Napishtim (Against the Naphistim) -
Scars of the Divine Wing (Normal Boss) -
OVER DRIVE (Against Dulles) -
Over drive (Against Dulles) -
Vacant Interference (Normal Boss) -
Crossing Rage (Against Geiss) -
Hope for Hopeless (Against Rul-Ende) -
Legend of the Five Great Dragons (Against any of the Dragons of Altago) -
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23 / M / Malaysia
Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/28/11 Dude.. this is the MASTERPIECE! LUCA BLIGHT !
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