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28 / F / Corner of No and...
Posted 1/14/08 , edited 1/15/08
This probably should've been the first forum topic I created, but *blonde moment* I didn't even think about it...

It's pretty simple, like the title says this is for introductions. Post a small self-description and get to know your fellow group members.

I'll start

Name: Vixen or Youko
Nickname: Pillow Queen Neko *don't ask*
Blondeness: Highlights, but most of my blondeness is seen through my actions or comments, or my slowness when it comes to finding or understanding certain things.
Age: listed to the left.
Gender: listed to the left.
Location: listed to the left.
Currently: Attending Mesa State College
Group Position: I made it *shocked silence*
Why I Made It (for you it should probably be y u joined): Well, Homie G (athletic_otaku08) and I were in one of the group chats at 3 am going through random topic discussions and we came up with this club idea, and I thought it was a funny idea. So the next day, on a whim I went searching for groups and there were no blonde groups so I made up my mind and---created my own! Then I forced a few of my buddies to join, and here we are now.

Answer nothing, what you will, or everything. Your choice. Have fun.
Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/15/08
Name - Hikari
Nickname - Hikari or Kari >.> <.<
Blondeness - 0 (Lol)
Age - 16 (Just turned YAY!!)
Gender - I maybe a guy.. maybe a girl.. >.>... <.<...
Location - Ask me about it. >.>...
Education - High School Sophomore currently
Group Position - Moderator (a.k.a. Blonde Wanna-be >.>)
Why I'm posting various information - I don't know O.o...
My Phone number - WHAT?!! Ask me nicely about it.. I might give it *wink*
Other info - I'll be straight about this.. I'M NOT BLONDE >.>.....
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28 / F / In a Quasar...O.o
Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/15/08
XD Its all good I have then all the time XD
Name: Call me Otaku
Blondeness: Dirty Blonde hair, but I get highlights and it lightens in the sun :D
Age: 17
Location: N/A
Education: HS student
Group position: Mod :D
Other: Hmm I am 6'2'' my hair is really long, I play softball and volleyball....ummm if you wanna know more just ask ^.^
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M / Flirting, Oops .....
Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/16/08
Hiya all:

Not blonde though I have had freaky blonde dyed streaks at times.

I like blonde girls ... at times (especially when the collars and cuffs match ) -- but I go through phases . Maybe thats my blonde mental attitude, LOL.
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