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Posted 5/18/11 , edited 5/19/11
[]Username~[] crystal99rox
[]Rp Name~[] Lily
[]Age~[] 104 (but looks 16)
[]Personality~[] She feels as if it was wrong for her to be in this world. She hates herself even more because she's a vampire and when she sniffs the scent for blood, she can't help but drink it. Her family thinks she doesn't deserve to be a pureblood princess and that she brings shame in her family.
[]Bio~[] Lily was always alone. She had never had friends. Shes a Princess of Pureblood Vampires. Everyone thinks shes beautiful, but she thinks shes a disgrace to everyone. She wants to find someone that understands her. She loves to sing ever since se was born. Every time she smells blood, she can't help, but drink it. She thinks being a Vampire is a cursed and that she'll be cursed for life. She wants to be a normal human. She thinks its better being an angel than a Vampire. Her parents calls her crazy for thinking that and they think she brings shame. She wants a person who gets her and if she can't find that person, she wants to die.
[]Type~[] Pureblood Vampire
[]Royal~[] Princess of Pureblood Vampires

Posted 6/15/11 , edited 6/15/11

Queen,King,Prince, Princess??


(sorry, for late response)
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Posted 7/3/11 , edited 7/3/11
Username~ Yhasai
Rp Name~ Yahiko
Age~103 (looks like 15)
Personality~She has an angelic face,can be most dangerous enemy,playful and fearless
Bio~In her early childhood Yahiko had a feeling of emptiness in her life because she is a princess of the Pureblood Vampire that's why she don't have a friends.Yahiko's eyes turn into crimson red when she feels thirsty or she's very angry.
Type~ Pureblood Vampire
Royal~Princess of Pureblood Vampires

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