Genie of the Sacred Mountain: Chapter 7: A Rope made of Sand. (The Essence of Things)
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You chan, Genie of the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 7: A Rope made of Sand. (The Essence of Things)

“Life defines itself… almost in a similar way everyone defines themselves; regardless of race, color, status, and yes, even origin… once, we became aware of our own existence; and what defines us, as a living, thinking beings; which is nothing more than fragments of old memories swept away like time capsules waiting to be unlocked: There were times… we were worshipped like gods. However, these days… we were known as monsters.”

“Wow! That’s deep, You chan. I have no idea… that you have your own version of “Aristotle’s Theory of the Universals, the Essence of Things,” I candidly replied.

You chan, shook his head and gave me a charming smile, “Not really, I was just trying to sweep you off your feet… that’s all, *he he he... is it working?” He asked, with a big grinning smile on his dial.

With a stern tone of voice I told him, “Just as I thought: you are just trying to seduce me, as usual… how predictable!” I pinch both of his cheeks with my fingers and stretch it outwards. Afterwards, I whispered into his ear, “Good try… I nearly fell for it.”

Even after I let go of his cheeks, You chan remained in the same pose, head slightly tilt back with his eyes closed, and cheeks blushed in pink… with his luscious lips slightly apart… waiting… waiting for me to grant him a kiss.

‘Damn! How on Earth… am I going to resist such temptation! *Sigh*, You chan, you looked so… so beautiful,’ was the only thought that comes to my mind. Suddenly, I felt… warm blood rushing all over my body and into my head… and every fiber of my being, we’re being drawn towards those lips of his… “Aaah..! I can’t take it anymore!!” I jumped on his lap and released my frustration with the deepest most passionate kiss I never thought; I was capable of… along with the tightest embrace I could ever muster. Even though I literally dug my nails into his back, You chan did not let go of his embrace or shown any resistance, except for the moaning sound every time I pushed deeper…. *Uaahhh!*

The temperature drops like a stone, as soon as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. While the newly refurbished left wing of the Shinto Shrine opened their doors to the pilgrims who needed a place to stay for the night. Which is rather a comforting gesture that seldom seen these days.

Meanwhile, Monks preparing for the night lit-up some candles and butter lamps, which added mystic and tranquility in the atmosphere. Before, their prayers resonate with a solitary sound of a bell.

‘I never thought that this side of me existed… I’m really confused,’ I thought. Sitting next to You chan in this traditional Japanese house or rather, a mansion, itching to ask him, so many questions… and yet, here I am with my tail tuck between my legs.., yearning; but afraid to ask… Until, all of the sudden, he woke up and wrestled me back in bed.

“Shin!” He said abruptly. “You were unhinged, and turned into a wild beast! You’ve frightened me! Do it again!”

I was shocked, speechless, and at the same token; absolutely flattered from what I just heard from him. In my mind, I thought, ‘We are definitely getting there… wherever it is we are heading to… together.’

For a while, he remained on top, staring at me, as if he was waiting for another reaction. I’m not exactly sure, what to say or do, so I just smiled instead.

“Why don’t we go out for dinner… my treat?” I asked. Just to ease off and break the Mexican stand-off that we were currently engaged into…. He smiled back, and nodded.

I’m pretty sure that the food we normally have in the Shrine are much tastier that the ones that we will end up dinning. However, the point of this exercise is actually to have an excuse to get out from this dimension, into the real world… and to compare the difference.

The weather is crisp and dry, as if, snow would fall at any moment. As soon as, we reached the Main Shrine down at the foot of the mountain, I looked back and tried to make sense; where was the Residential Shrine or the Red Gate at least. Unfortunately, I could not see it, the fact that the new moon, and not the full moon lights up the sky tonight didn’t make it any easier-- to be honest.

‘Never mind and better luck next time… I suppose.’

Wearing a matching winter yukata was not that bad I guess, at least we would always find each other, since we are the only eccentric looking tourist around.

‘Trying not to stand out like a sore thumb, I’ve decided that we should spend our first dinner date at the Traditional Japanese Restaurants instead of going into a more convenient fast food chain.’

Like a child in a candy store, You chan was enjoying our little stroll in the park.

Until we bump into an old acquaintance, meaning; one of my previous relationship that never last longer than one week… along the way.

“SHIN! Hey, is that really you?” She asked with a big smile. “I nearly didn’t recognize you, wearing a yukata..?” She said, and then, burst out laughing.

You chan put his arms around me, when she tried to give me a friendly kiss on my cheek.

“Well... well, what do we have here…?” She asked curiously. “Shin, you sly dog, you never mentioned that you have a twin brother as good looking as you.” She continued while picking up a cigarette from her purse and putting it in between her lips. “Do you have a light?” She specifically asked You chan.

“Sorry, I don’t smoke.” You chan casually replied.

“Gees, I’m so sorry… I forgot to introduce you two, to one another…” I said, just for formality. “You chan… meet Karla, Karla please, meet You chan…” Karla gave You chan a wink and a naughty smile; afterwards, she tried to kiss him. However, You chan put his hand on top of her face, before she could get close enough.

“Unbelievable, even your personalities were similar… Wow!” Karla said, as soon as You chan let’s go. “..Oh, yeah! I heard some rumors that your Dad was looking for you… probably, both of you… and for old time sake, try to avoid going back to your apartment… you know what I mean.” Karla casually said while trying to light her own cigarette.

“Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep it in mind,” I replied with a smile, like the old times, as a gesture of goodwill.

I invited Karla to dine with us, but she declined, “I was just passing by…” she said while blowing out some of the cigarette smoke in the air.

“Well, this is it then… just in case, if you changed your mind, we will be dinning in this restaurant.” I casually pointed the door next to us… and then, bid her farewell, “Till next time….” I said with a warm friendly tone of voice.

“Shin, you are awfully nice to that woman….” You chan whispered as soon as, she was far away enough. “I don’t like her!”

“So, did I. Don’t worry about her, what could she possibly do, to both of us..?” I said casually as we enter the restaurant door.

A middle age lady waits, with a respectful, “Yoku irrasshai-mashita.” She leads us into a cozy little traditional Japanese room, where a pot of freshly brewed tea and variety of cute little edible snack were already served. While waiting for our dinner, a pair of ‘Jikata-Geisha’ came to perform a nostalgic dance interpretation of ‘Forlorn Love’ accompanied by a very skilled shamisen musician.

The graceful gestures and the delicate plucking of the strings was like, a poetry in motion, even the pause, in between the lines reveal something… a well kept secret; that only my heart would ever know.

You chan reached out and wiped the tears, that I wasn’t even aware of.., as it trickle continuously on my cheeks. He gently hugged me… without saying a single word he understood… what, I was feeling deep inside, ‘A Rope made of Sand.’ A shadow of what I used to be.

To be continued…. There are more chapters to go! *smiles*

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