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This is where the roleplay happens. DO NOT POST UNLESS YOU HAVE REGISTERED AND WERE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!
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Aika: *crouches behind crate* Shoud I be doing this? I need food, right?
*hand creeps over crate and grabs bread*
Shopkeeper: Hey!
Aika: *runs off*
Shopkeeper: After her!
Aika: *bunny ears, tail+legs*
Shopkeeper: She has +anima!
Aika: *runs off*
Random people: *chases her*
Aika: *wings*
Random person: 2 +anima!!
Aika: *flies away*
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Sakura: *Holding hands with Ayaki* *Walking down street*
Ayaki: *Smiling* *Holding hands with Sakura and walking with her* What's all the commotion?
Person: A +Anima is here in the town!
Ayaki: U-um, yeah...*Whispers to Sakura* Wanna go check it out?
Sakura: Yeah, okay. Maybe we'll make a new friend.
Both: *Duck behind a shop*
Sakura: *Gets blue bird's wings*
Ayaki: *Gets purple butterfly wings*
Sakura: Let's go! *Takes off*
Ayaki: *Takes off too* Wait for me!
People: She has accomplices!?
Sakura: *Looks down* Shoot! Looks like we won't be re-visiting that town for a while...
Ayaki: *Shivers* Y-yeah
Sakura: *Looks ahead* Look over there! It really IS a +Anima! *Grins* In that case...everything was worth it.
Ayaki: I-I s'pose
Sakura: *Zooms ahead* Wait up! We just wanna help you!
Ayaki: *Hurries to catch up to Sakura* Sakura-chan...are you really sure this is alright...?
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Aika: What? *looks behind* Oh heya! U have +anima too! I'm Aika, by the way!
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(back-lol i change my mind so much)
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Sakura: I'm Sakura, and this is my little sister, Ayaki. Nice too meet you. We haven't met another +Anima before. I have a Bluebird and a Dog +Anima and my sister has a Butterfly and a Fox one.
Ayaki: I-It's nice too meet you...
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Aika: Nice to meet you! I have a bee +anima, a bunny +anima and a dolphin +anima
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