Posted 5/9/11 , edited 6/8/11
Hey everyone! A good friend mine and I are currently working on my story(Guardians) into a manga, here are so rough sketches, and please look forward to when the manga gets in ComicParty(Danish shounen jump). I know manu of you cannot subscribe to that magazine so I will continusely update the real chapters here which will be black/white and all front pages will be in full color ink.
I hope you will read it, it's gonna be so awesometastic. Please enjoy the first sketches from the prologue <3

Below are 2 rough sketches of the 2 characters from the manga story, and yes there are some errors in my grammar since English is not my mother tongue :d

Posted 6/26/11 , edited 6/26/11
that's very good! i love the 3rd drawing.
Posted 7/4/11 , edited 7/5/11
I love the third drawing as well! I like your handwriting too! And your two little chibis are so cute!
Posted 7/7/11 , edited 7/7/11
OHHHHHH that looks awesome what's it about?
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