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Posted 5/11/11 , edited 5/11/11
Remember, this should all be very descriptive!
Okay, here's the low down. There will be Highly Creatures and Lowly Creatures. Some to be servants, others as a Royal. Here is your list...
-Royal Blood(5)
-Arch Maiden(8)
-Arch Prince(8)
-Loyal Highmen(unlimited)
-Loyal Madames(unlimited)

-Royal Servants(15)

You are allowed to have as many as Five chara's and no less then Two. This keeps the group more active.
The numbers beside the Highly/Lowly names above is how many are allowed to be this. If the group becomes more active, I will set the numbers higher.
You MUST have at least one Lowly creature.
The creatures consist of..

-Were (wolf, fox, panther, tiger, ect...)
-Shape Shifters
-Fallen Angels
-Super Humans

When you are creating your chara, do not make it where your chara is undefeatable. No god modding it allowed!

Chara name:
Creature Type:
Birthday(vampiros have a death day):
Highly/Lowly placement:
Weapons of any sort:
Pets of any sort:
Description or Picture:
Please Upload at least three pictures with Your username as the description for it before I accept you.

Remember to be descriptive!
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Posted 5/11/11 , edited 5/13/11
Username: SurvivingThisTime
Chara name: Lily Ellison
Creature Type: Vampiro
Age: 17
Birthday(vampiros have a death day): Birth 1930s; Death 1947
Highly/Lowly placement: Rouge Blood Royal
Gender: Female
-Lily is a girl of many personalities. Many think that this vampiro has a Split Personality. Her good side is just that; Good. She can be as sweet as a jelly donut, or as loving and caring as a mother to her child. Lily will always be there for her friends and family.
Her other side is opposite of the first; Bad. Lily doesn't like to be messed with, so she can be quite the rude gal. Fighting is something this girl loves to do when this strange personality arrives.

-Born in the 1930s, Lily was a only child to a family who was poor. They lived in a house that was broken down and was about to be kicked out. Lily and her parents didn't know who or what lived in this town, but soon they found out. One by one, people began to disappear. From little boys and girls to the elderly. Lily, under her fathers supervision, was walked out of the town. During this walk, a mysterious man appeared before them. Her father stood strong and faught well, but the man had torn him apart. Lily, who stood alone and scared, fainted.
When she woke up, her body was numb and her neck hurt. A shadowed figure was beside where she laid, smiling a grin only a killer could wear. Thats when she realized, she was dead.

Weapons of any sort:

Pets of any sort: Not exactly a 'pet' but Lily has a friend pixie who travels with her

Talent: She has a gift with musical instruments, mainly the violin.
Description or Picture:


Chara Name: Kai
Creature Type: Fae
Age: 19
Birthday: May 13
Highly/lowly: Lowly Royal Servant to Lily
Gender: Male
-Kai can be a a jerk when it comes to being around the guys. But when it comes to the ladies, Kai puts his charm on. He may not be like the royals or anything higher than he is, but he acts like it. Lily is his bestfriend and he would do anything for her, no matter the demand.
He loves a good fight, just like his master, but his fights dont end until someone is dead.

-Kai was born in Kyoto, Japan. Raised
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