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Posted 5/11/11 , edited 5/12/11
Helki, Angel of Decisions
"Hey, it's not everyday I fall from heaven helping people. Learn to like my attitude, you piece of monster."
- Helki
Helki has a temper tantrum coming up then and now, and she's a tough one.
It's better if you don't talk back if she helps you.

Sacred Animal: tiger
Sacred Item: knife

Malpa, Angel of Mercy
"Everyone deserves some mercy, but some just ... don't." - Malpa
Malpa is mainly the kind one in the group, but don't be decieved by her looks.
She can be rather demanding.

Sacred Animal: owl
Sacred Item: feather

Rygona, Angel of Fate
"Fate just HAD to be MY job." - Rygona
Rygona is stubborn, but she can be really serious about her job.
She always have some kind of contest going on with Helki.

Sacred Animal: dragon
Sacred Item: glass

Sado, Angel of Rebirth
"Honey, I don't run all the circles of life, but everything comes out as sacrifice." - Sado
Sado is kind and gets along well with the people she helps.
She's a klutz, though, and really strict about rebirth and sacrifice.

Sacred Animal: Any Type of Spirit
Sacred Item: wood
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