Misunderstanding; and a Life is full of Challenges.
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Posted 5/12/11 , edited 5/12/11

One might almost suppose that a man’s inner experiences become all the more violent and disturbing the more undisturbed and uncommitted and detached from the world his outward life is.

There is no help for it: life has to be lived… and if one refuses to be a man of action and retires into the quietness of a hermit’s solitude, even then vicissitudes of existence will assault one inwardly, they will still be there to test one’s character and to prove one a hero or a half-wit.

I have equipped myself with words of wisdom like these, not by choice… but, out of necessity. As long as we are still breathing; life will go on and along with it, challenges that will somewhat shake the very foundation of what we believed in-- to the core.

One of the most common misunderstanding, we come across in this lifetime were mostly based on the wrong assumption. It’s too easy to jump into conclusion and fall into the trap of misunderstanding: one’s feelings and intention.

Personally: I find it difficult to express my feelings as much as everyone else. It is a lot easier to go along with the flow and be safe than sorry.

However… there is more to life than following others blindly. “I am what I am!” These are one of the sentiments that my heart silently yelled out of frustrations. While those who think of themselves as guru’s would imply….

“What would other people say..?” To be precise: This is just one of those shackles that buried our sense of individuality six feet underground. I would probably say, “Screw them!” These people that we trying so hard, not to offend and simply get along with; “Do not exist!” They are the residue of ethical environment, we were born into…. Please do not, misunderstood me… I’m not implying that we should go out and get drunk with our own stupidity.

“What I was trying to say, is simply, to open our minds and our hearts; and bravely confront whatever it is that was holding us back from reaching our potential.”

For those: who had no idea how to pull this possibility out of their thinking cap. Take it easy, there’s no need to pull your hair out of frustration…. Growing up is a journey full of aggravation and disappointments. However, it is also full of wonderful discovery!

“We are the masters of our own destiny… Let’s do our best, and live a life without regret!”
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