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Yoroshiku! I will create custom JigSaw puzzles here. These puzzles will have an Anime,Your fav. Idol or Language theme. Either way it will be centered around a Japanese theme. Please enjoy! This first one is from Naruto.
P.S. if anyone wants to do puzzle's of their Fav. character,idol or celebrity in general please leave a comment or message on the wall and state which difficulty levels. If there is a picture in particular you want made into a puzzle post it in your comment below. Domo!

Anime Puzzles

Hollows better run and hide from this guy's final technique Difficulty - Easy Difficulty - Hard

Random Difficult - Easy Difficulty - Hard

Hide the food when these 4 get togetther Difficulty - Easy Difficulty - Hard

Ichigo and the posse Difficulty - Easy Difficult - Hard

Random Anime Scene Difficulty - Hard Difficulty - Easy

Long Haired Ichigo - Easy Difficulty - Hard

Random Anime Difficulty - Easy Difficulty - Hard

Language Puzzles

This means something Hot(Kanji) Difficulty - Easy Difficulty - Hard

Ocean's are filled with this Kanji - Very Easy Difficulty - Easy Difficulty - Hard

Japanese Celebs & Idols

Erica Toda - Easy Difficulty - Medium - Hard

Anne Suzuki Difficulty - Hard Difficulty - Easy

Rinko Kikuchi - Easy - Hard

Yuri Nakamura - Easy - Hard

Kuroki Meisa - Easy - Hard

Okamoto Keito - Easy - Hard

Kazuya Kamenashi - Easy - Hard

Kou Shibasaki - Easy - Hard
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