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Post Reply What do you appreciate about Jmusic?
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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/27/08
For me, I feel that for english music and American bands, the songs are like,
always about dating, sex, girls, killing, shooting, boy meets girl (and vice versa),
stupid in-country political jibes (I'm so bloody bored of that, does anyone here feel this way too???).

So when I listen to such stuff I'll be like, come on, the world is wider and deeper than all that repetitive junk.

For the vast majority like me who do not understand Japanese that well yet,
I'm sure you all will agree with me that J-Rock reaches our hearts first, then moves our ears :P
Not like so many "currently hot" english songs that go through our ears in and then out through the other ear.

Of course there will be exceptions of english songs that will stand out, but for me,
I've decided that J-Rock is my kinda music forever.

And no regrets.
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Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/24/08
What do I appreciate from Jrock musicians/ music?

I think that the answer from me would be: I guess the performers who take the time to compose good music and just use what they can do to make us happy!!! Of course, I also appreciate the people who support bands as well, even though they aren't usually seen. The people who do their hair and make-up are fantastic! Even without make-up, MOST J-Rockers are kawaii!!! ^^ HEHE..... Plus, they have to spend 24/7 with the other band members while on tour and its quite amazing on how well they get along. If I had to spend 24/7 with someone, I would snap once or twice, but regain my senses...I simply love the vocalists of each band, mainly because they use their elegent voice to sing to us. Plus, the many drummers, guitarists, and bassists take the time to learn how to play these instruments and that makes me SUPER happy!! I'm so glad that we have J-music!
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