Post Reply Because she said so.
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/13/11

Tie back your reasons,
Don't defy them.
Can't you see nothing is
"Cause she said so"?

I thought you were yourself
And no one else's…
But now I'm taken aback
"Because she said so."

My, is it something new?
I hope this isn't a trend.
Tie back your reasons
"Cause she said so?" You must be kidding me!

But the only answer I can get,
"Cause she said so."

Dear friend, My friend.
Are you really that lost?
Just because…
Maybe it's my fault afterall…

Dear friend, My friend.
Won't at least tell me more?
Just because…
"Cause she said so.."

I don't see what you see in her.
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