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Posted 6/30/11 , edited 6/30/11
Name: Carly
Nickname: Lana
Username: Chanteur
Age: 16
B-day: 13.10.94
Ethnicity: White/English c:
Likes: PS, Drawing, dancing, paiting, taking photos c:
Hates: Stealers, seafood e.e, being alone, copies and fakes.
Posted 6/30/11 , edited 7/1/11
Name: Cassie
Nickname: Peach
Username: tutifruiti-
Age: 19
B-day: Sept 6
Ethnicity: white
...something else...
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Posted 7/4/11 , edited 7/4/11

Name: Kristine
Nickname: Kristi // Nanami // Mimi
Username: Kironjae
Age: 11
B-day: July 20th, 1999
Ethnicity: Uhhh.... Still Asian
something else: I like Noodles and Rice, I draw and listen to KPOP. I play Video Games and I suck at making ANIME. And I read too much manga. I fail at math classes and Zekrom is my favorite Pokemon o3o (lol)

Posted 7/12/11 , edited 7/12/11
Name: Michaela
Nickname: Miki :3
Username: iRawh
Age: 12
B-day: October 21st . c:
Ethnicity: White ? o:
Something Else: I Like 2 Make Graphics , Am Obsessed With Cookiezz . x33 My Fave Anime Ish Elfen Lied & Ao No Exorcist & I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS < ----- Actually He Scares Me . xD
Posted 7/15/11 , edited 7/15/11
Name: Stephanie
Nickname: steph
Username: st3phii
Age: 13
B-day: Dec. 21
Ethnicity: hispanic
I'm a crunchy roll addict~!
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23 / F / R.I.P
Posted 4/6/12 , edited 4/6/12

Name: Sally
Nickname: DUCKY. ; Shally. ; Sal ; Twistie ; `TK ; Sam ; Bob ; Yuki ; Snow ; Xue
Username: NegativeSal
Age: 17
B-day:December 26
Ethnicity:Asian | Chinese
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21 / F / Cheshire, England
Posted 8/30/12 , edited 8/30/12
My Introduct-y Thingy

Name: Brooke
Nickname(s): Kitty, Slab(don't ask), Bitch (not my favourite)
Username: WhiteKitten
Age: 15
B-day: 19th Jan
Ethnicity: White-British
Likes: Pink :3, Gaming, Anime, Manga, Fo0o0od, Books, Writing, Sketching, Collecting, Glitter, Music, Vanilla <3
Dislikes: Bugs, Blood, Family, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter (allergic >.<)
Posted 11/2/12 , edited 11/2/12
Name: Kirihara Hikari
Nickname: Hikari
Username: HitomiNinagawa
Age: 13
B-day: November 12
Ethnicity: Indonesian
Something else: I like reading books and listening to music, I'm obsessed with mathematics <33 My fav song is Waltz of Anomalies by Hatsune Miku, and my fav anime is APH and Durarara!!
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