Genie of the Sacred Mountain: Chapter 8: The Child of Destiny, (A Gambit story)
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You chan, Genie of the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 8: The Child of Destiny, (A Gambit story)

A legitimate heir, prince of the underworld, while the Government itself changes every so often, those who govern in the shadows… the puppet masters, will always remain…. In control of everything that happened and what will happen: a destiny written on the stone.

The deafening sound of the rotating blades and its engine attracted everyone’s attention at the Shinto Shrines grounds. “I will bring him back!” I promised Youko chan, before I hopped into the private helicopter Otousan sent to pick me up. As the helicopter slowly takes off; I keep looking down--- towards the place that becomes my refuge and my sanctuary, until it slowly fades away from my sight.

“Nothing last forever: however, I never thought my happiness will end this way… I’ve been trying to communicate with You chan using mental telepathy, but with no avail. I hope nothing bad had happened to him. I am so worried….”

For quite a while now; mixed emotions has been hanging over Shin, like a thick black cloud of uncertainty. ‘How could this unfortunate event swiftly wiped out the peace and serenity of my heart and mind so quickly…? I’m not sure what to think any more.’ *Sigh*

The helicopter landed on a private property in Osaka with an airfield. We dashed towards the twin engine light aircraft prep and ready for taking off. And as soon as we secured ourselves into our seats; the plane took off without any further delay.

The tense atmosphere in the air could cut like a knife, no smiles or even a warm welcome. They just sat around me, as if they were prison guards… guarding a dangerous criminal in their midst.

It’s almost the break of dawn by the time we reached our destination. Meanwhile, a black limousine was waiting for us at the tarmac; ready for the last stretch of our journey, the place of incarceration: Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel (Kanagawa City). Unspoken loneliness engulfed me… and, there’s nothing… I could possibly do about it….*sigh*

“The usual penthouse suite will be waiting for your arrival, Waka-sama,” one of my escorts said, with a calm and somewhat cold tone of voice, which only means one thing: “I’m quarantined. This is really annoying!” I thought to myself, simply because--- that stylish accommodation is littered with hidden cameras and listening devices all over the place. Damn! Just when I finally remembered who I am, I’m back in the cage. *Sigh*

As soon as, I entered the room my escorts vowed respectfully, and then closed the door behind me. The comfortable climate controlled penthouse suite environment appeared, almost as bleak and bitter-cold as an ice castle. “I can almost feel the warmth of happiness drifting slowly away from within my heart. What a miserable thought….”

Meanwhile, standing in front of a wall mirror right across the room---staring at my own reflection… “I’m not a confused little child anymore. This body belongs to a son, whose father is a husband… a husband who lost his beloved wife; while giving birth to the child, conceived out of their mutual affection for each other; and, a father who broke down in tears after the doctor told him that his newly born son is also dying.”

“His desperate cry for help woke me up from my eternal slumber in the sky; for what it’s worth, I have granted his heart’s desire at the cost of my own freedom… Now I remembered... How I became; the Child of Destiny….” My chest tightens, as if; “it was trying to squeeze out every bit of hope that still remains in my heart…. You chan… where are you?” was the last few words, I remembered saying before I fainted; out of sheer exhaustion right where I was standing.


You chan was still unconscious after being injected by a strong doze of sedatives by the mob who abducted him: While, he was waiting outside for Shin; picking up the take out parcel for Youko chan.

“Are you sure this is the prince?” Strange voices murmur around.

“Karla said there were two of them…” one of the voices replied.

“Yeah, but Boss… this is the only one we saw---out there,” another voice replied.

“Never mind, we will find out soon enough… He he he.”

‘Gees, this is so humiliating!’ You chan thought to himself. ‘Just to think, that I’ve got abducted; and then… waking up next to a strange woman, it’s like adding insult to injury.’ *Hmp!*

“Shin, help me… please.”

“What did you, just said..?” You chan asked, as he slowly turned around….

Looking intently at each other’s face, You chan wondered.., ‘Who is this woman? And how did she know Shin’s name..?’ Before, You chan could ask her….

She grabbed You chan’s face closer and kissed him…. After a passionate kiss, she let’s go of You chan’s lips; and then, looked at him with a confused expression on her face… “Are you… the Prince?” She asked curiously.

“Shhhh… pipe down, woman….” You chan whispered into her ear, while he was pretending to hug her.

“Why are you here?” You chan whispered.

“I’m your fiancée…” She softly whispered into You chan’s ear.

“What..!?” You chan exclaimed; and then, burst out laughing while holding his stomach. Ha ha ha!

Severely offended; “What’s so funny about it..!” She shouted; before she slapped You chan’s left cheek without any reservation.

“Ouch, that hurts!!” You chan yelled out, as he kept holding on to his blushing cheeks, which is now in red.

“What a violent woman, you are….”

“I’m not always this violent, and stop calling me, woman!”

While they continue quarrelling like a pair of cat and dog.., voices from behind the observation window, agrees and nods at each other. “See that..? I think we’ve got the right one.”

“It’s almost noon, our guest might be feeling a little bit hungry by now.”

“Yes Boss, I will tell the Head Chef to prepare something special, immediately!”

You chan felt that the presence of strange people were gone. So he stood up and walked out from the glass sliding door leading to the balcony.

‘Good grief! I’m stuck in the middle of the ocean…?’ He thought.

You chan closed his eyes and bit his lower lip, as he focused deeply upon reaching Shin’s thought. When suddenly… he felt a warm embrace from someone desperately searching for affection….

“Listen….” She whispered, “I can help you escape; if you promise to take me along with you.”

“Are you suggesting that we should run away together…?” You chan softly whispered as he tightly wrapped his arms around her. “Are you sure?” while affectionately gazing through her tantalizing eyes.

Speechless, all she could do; was to nod her head. With her heart uncontrollably pounding; she slowly closed her eyes, and wait for him to grant her a kiss… When they heard a knock on the door, “Room service…!”

‘Good timing! For the moment there… I thought; I was done for….’ You chan breathe a sigh of relief, as soon as she takes her eyes off him and walked towards the door. ‘I have no idea that keeping up appearances is a painful job. This must have been one of those reasons; why Shin always had a sad expression in his eyes every time something reminds him of his home. I have no other choice: but, to keep pretending I am Shin until, I am sure that he is safe.’ You chan thought.

The aroma of a freshly prepared meal already lingers in the air: When Shin felt a warm hand on top of his forehead, as he finds himself lying on the bed, “Chichi….” Shin called out, “gomen nasai….” But before he could finish what he was trying to say… His father gently put his index finger across his lips; and shook his head.

“Welcome back… son,” his father uttered, as he held his hand firmly. “You must be hungry,” his father added, with a slight hint of concerned expression in his voice.

“You’re not mad at me…?” Shin curiously asked.

“Not anymore…. Did you find; what you are looking for…?” his father replied casually.

Shin nodded; while blushing.

His father picked up the remote control and pointed it towards the flat screen television. “We received an anonymous tip that apparently, you were abducted” (while watching a video of You chan sleeping comfortably.) “It’s probably no longer one of my concern, however, if you were here… who the hell is he?” His father continued curiously.

Not so sure, how to respond to his father’s curious inquiries; Shin looked away to hide the tears of joy after finding out that---You chan was alright. ‘He must have been so worried.’ Shin thought, but before he could wipe his tears away; he heard You chan’s voice echoing in his head.

“WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?! I was worried sick about you?”

At this point, the tears that Shin was holding up for so long burst out. He grabbed his father and tightly embraced him, while in his thought--- Shin replied; “You chan, Thank you… for giving me the courage to face my fear.”

‘I guess, now I can finally ditch this joint,’ You chan answered back in his thought, ‘I’ll be there soon… Shin, HANG-ON!’ he added with anticipation. Meanwhile:

“What are you grinning for?” she asked.

“Nothing… Just a happy thought, that’s all,” You chan replied with a smile. “Tell me, why are you worried…?”

“Because, I am afraid; that I might lose you again. Two years ago---you disappeared, few days before our wedding ceremony…” She replied, while leaning on his chest.

“If only, it is possible: I would like us… to stay like this forever, however; the person I loved the most is waiting for me… FAREWELL!” You chan pushed her away and then jump off the balcony straight down into the sea; Leaving everyone with their jaws dropped open.

To be continued….
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