Genie of the Sacred Mountain: Chapter 9: Alluring Call
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You chan, Genie of the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 9: Alluring Call

The pleasant atmosphere on board the luxury liner QE II was suddenly interrupted; by an alarm that sends all the able body crew into emergency rescue frenzy.

“Man overboard! Man overboard!!” Someone shouted.

The luxury liner slowed down before it reached a full stop. The rescue crew scrambles, scuba divers were deployed out of desperation but, with no avail. It’s almost dawn when the Captain finally called off the rescue. Every passenger on the ship was accounted for; and no one seemed to be missing; in the end the case was dismissed… as minor technical accident.

Meanwhile…. The treacherous passages through the fragmented land mass of the Aleutian island, which lies as a boundary between the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean were not as mysterious enough, in comparison to the secret that it keeps from within. Fascinating stories about the alluring call within its depth can never be ignored, according to the local fisherman.

‘I’ve been waiting for you….’ A sweet and gentle voice echoed into You chan’s head.

‘I must have been missing Shin so much, my mind is playing tricks on me.’ You chan thought as he look around beneath the waves into the unknown.

‘I’ve been waiting for you….’

‘Nope; I’m not hallucinating, I did hear something,’ You chan thought.

As another day begun; the streaming sunlight makes everything it touches glimmer, as it penetrates through the silvery surface of the rolling waves.

‘I’ve been waiting for you….’

The sweet and gentle voice echoed once more in You chan’s head. ‘Where are you?’ He replied. While frantically searching where it originates from…. Suddenly; there she was….

‘The most beautiful creature, I’ve ever laid my eyes on.’ You chan thought….

‘As she swam around like a graceful ballerina, with those enticing glances and captivating smiles, no doubt even a drowning man would find heaven in her arms,’ You chan thought.

The alluring call echoed in You chan’s head once again, ‘I’ve been waiting for you….’

She kept swimming around You chan, as if she was taking her sweet time waiting for that magic moment… to take the rest of his breath away.

'Listen, I would like to hang around with you, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time… someone is waiting for me, and you are not him… nice meeting you.., farewell.’ You chan waved goodbye, and then, he transformed himself into a dolphin and swim as fast as a dolphin could possibly can.

However, You chan didn’t managed to go very far before he felt a passionate embrace.

‘I’ve been waiting for you… My whole life,’ her desperate voice echoed in You chan head. ‘I’ve been so lonely….’

‘Deep sorrow and profound pain does not occur overnight… it accumulates. Moments of loneliness are little drop of water that will eventually fill up an empty cup, until it overflows. I know this feeling too damn, well,’ You chan thought to himself.

‘I’m Seira; do you have a name, stranger….’ Her voice echoed in You chan’s head, while she gently caresses his velvety dolphin skin.

You chan flap his fins abruptly to shake Seira off and then, transformed himself into something that resembles her kind.

‘I can become legions of your kind Seira…. Would you like to play a game with us?’ You chan gleefully asked. The once vast and empty space becomes crowded with mermaids playfully swimming and laughing around her.

Seira looked around delightfully mesmerized; by all the commotion taking place right before her eyes. ‘It’s as beautiful as I remembered,’ she thought with a glowing smile coming straight from her heart.

‘You looked even more beautiful, when you smile,’ You chan’s alluring voice echoes in her head. ‘Catch me if you can….’

‘Which one are you…?’ Seira pleaded as she playfully chased every single one of You chan’s illusion… all the way across the Pacific Ocean, into the secluded part of Tokyo Bay.

The stars were already up in the sky like glimmering diamonds by the time they decided to take a break and poke their heads above the water surface.

“You were fast,” You chan burst out while breathing heavily.

“Nope, you were faster!” Seira exclaimed. While modifying her physical appearance into a human form… “There! Hey, where are you?” She called out.

‘Shhh… lower your voice down, otherwise, people will hear you.’ You chan’s voice echoed in her head with a cautious tone.

“But where are you…?” Seira whispers….

‘Behind you… meow.’

“What a cute kitty….” She said while trying her best to stop giggling.

‘Stay here… meow, I’ll try to get some human clothes… meow-meow.’

You chan disappeared into the bushes towards the flickering light in the forest.

Meanwhile…. Shin asked his father, if he could have some privacy. His father smiled, “expecting some friends already?” Shin nodded with a bashful smile. His father leads him into the monitoring room. “The entire floor is yours here take the master keycard… I’ll be off now.” As soon as, his father’s gone; Shin assembled all the managing personnel of the hotel. And gave them a specific instruction…. “Never allow anyone to reach this floor unless, that person is personally accompanied by myself.”

Afterwards, Shin went up to the rooftop Green House which includes a private swimming pool. He removed his clothes off and then jumped into the pristine water of the swimming pool which is modeled to look like a lagoon in the middle of the tropical oasis. “You chan, I missed you….” Shin murmurs, as he leaned his head back; while gazing at the stars.

“…Oh, so… pretty,” Seira took a deep breath as she gaze towards the glimmering colorful lights on the city side of Tokyo Bay.

“Keep your mouth closed, otherwise bugs might get into it.” You chan teasingly uttered, “Well, this is the only thing I could manage to borrow for now.”

“Managed to borrow..?” Seira replied with a grin on her face.

“Fine! Borrowed… borrowed without permission… ” You chan, stressed out…. “Now will you please, wear it before you catch a cold?”

“It is kind a… weird. Don’t you think?” Seira asked for You chan’s opinion while twirling around pinching her newly acquired outfit.

“It’s fine….”

“You really think so..?”

“It’s fine….”

“Is this one size fits all..?”

“It’s fine…! The overalls... will be just fine, until we get there.” You chan replied with irritated tone of voice.

“Get where..?” Seira asked, tilting her head, with a rather confused expression.

You chan turned himself into a giant eagle,’ Hop on my back! Quickly before the dawn breaks,’ You chan’s irritated voice echoed in her head again.

The flight was short, but very memorable…. ‘This is the last stretch of distance that separates me from my happiness,’ You chan thought with anticipation while gliding gracefully in the sky.

Meanwhile, Shin stood up on the helipad, as soon as, he sensed You chan’s presence, with a pair of his favorite yukata neatly folded up on his arms.

While the cloud gathered on the horizon obstructing the sunlight from revealing You chan’s majestic landing. It was the sight of Shin… standing there; waiting for him that makes his heart leap for joy.

After he landed… You chan transformed into Shin’s image, naked… with Seira still clinging like an octopus on his back.

Hmmm.., Shin raised one of his eyebrows out of curiosity, as he calmly approached and hand over the neatly folded yukata over to You chan with Seira still clinging on his back.

“It’s alright now,” Shin stretched his hand towards Seira; with a sweet smile on his face. “The ground is solid; and I’m not going to hurt you…” he kindly said. Seira slowly loosen up her grip and then, eventually accepted Shin’s invitation to take his hand.

She carefully looked around, like a child trying to orientate herself with her new surrounding as she clings on Shin’s right arm. Her inquisitive nature kicks in; as soon as realized that there is nothing to be afraid of…. But, when she finally noticed that there are two identical people standing next to her… she fainted. Shin quickly caught her and gently carried her towards the Green House, while You chan followed one step behind them.

As they entered the colossal glass structure, amply named as Green House, You chan dropped his jaw with disbelief as he suddenly found himself in a climate controlled tropical oasis in the middle of winter. While Shin took Seira inside the studio type bamboo hut on the opposite side of the lagoon and gently tuck her into bed. You chan waited outside, sitting on the veranda. Few minutes later Shin came out of the door and approached You chan slowly….

“Welcome home… my You chan,” Shin affectionately said, as he sat next to him.

“Finally, I’m home….” You chan replied back with tears of joy rolling down his cheeks.

To be continued….
Posted 5/16/11 , edited 5/16/11
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