Genie of the Sacred Mountain: Chapter 10: Walk like a Lady
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You chan, Genie of the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 10: Walk like a Lady

SMILE! Someone shouted; followed by a flash of white light, along with the familiar sound that every camera used to make when it captures a moment in digital format.

‘Now, I’m really embarrassed.’ I thought… with a deep sigh. When, I suddenly caught You chan, staring seriously at me. So I asked:

“Why are you staring at me like that? You are practically wearing me.” I continued.

“You are a very talented mind reader Shin, probably because; …that is exactly… what I been thinking about…. It’s been a while… since, we wear each other-- inside out… You know…” You chan, softly whispered. And then, he reached out and caressed my blushing cheeks, gingerly with his warm fingertips.

“E-hemm, pardon my intrusion, Master Shin… would you like another pot of freshly brewed Florentine tea?” Chimoshikimo, the Butler respectfully asked, while giving a hint that there’s a couple of inquisitive pair of eyes, staring at them behind the Magnolia bushes.

For the moment there… I thought, someone poured a bucketful of icy cold water over my head. “Thanks, but no thanks… I think we still have enough tea, for a while…” I casually replied.

“Someone please, REMIND ME again. Why on Earth are we cross dressing like a couple of girls from Japanese Anime… while having a tea party?” You chan asked with aggravated tone of voice.

I was about to answer You chan, when….

“Please, allow me to tell you the whole story… You sama,” Chimoshikimo, the Butler replied. “Three days ago… just after the break of dawn, I received an emergency call from Master Shin, but he did not mention the nature of the emergency… except, for the fact that it was urgent. As soon as I arrived at the lobby; Master Shin was already there… he handed over an envelope containing few strand of hair and a letter addressed to The Priestess of Oumiwa Shrine, from Sakurai City of Nara Prefecture. Eight hours later.., the Priestess and I were escorted to the private lift. When we arrived here, at the Green House… We found Master Shin covered in blood and you yourself passed out next to him.”

You chan reached out for Shin’s hands and hold it tightly while listening. On the same token; Shin looked away with a rather concerned expression on his face.

Meanwhile, Chimoshikimo continued…. “Master Shin was covered with deep scratches and strange bite marks. And yet, he kept on saying that it was nothing… and he’s fine. Youko chan; he added would know what to do… before, he fainted from severe loss of blood. Miss Youko, however, convinced me to honor Master Shin’s request… as I went, out to search for the culprit; Miss Youko also said, that there is nothing to worry about. Probably, just to keep my mind at ease.”

Suddenly, the rustling sound behind the Magnolia bushes disappears, as if, they get bored and decided to go somewhere else.

“Come on! Kimochi mochi san, don’t keep me suspended in the air with the climax, please…. ” You chan pleaded, as he get off from his seat and sat on Shin’s lap with his arms around him.

“Very well then.., by the way; my name is ‘Chimoshikimo and not Kimochi mochi’, if you don’t mind.” The Butler stressed out.

“For the mean time; with a heavy heart, I left Master Shin in Miss Youko’s capable hands, as I searched for the monster everywhere within the Green House, but with no avail… until I noticed a few drops of blood here and there… the faint trail of blood leads me towards the lagoon, and then, it vanished… the trail… simply vanished in the thin air! I was so devastated…. So, I sat at the edge of the lagoon for a while…. It was then, when I heard someone sobbing.., a young lady curled up hiding within the rose bushes, not very far from where I was sitting, shivering and covered with scratches from the thorns of the rose bush.”

“That was it..!? Where’s the monster or the beast..?” You chan asked, with a rather disappointed tone of voice.

“It must have escaped.” Shin casually replied.

“Are you sure, you can’t remember who attacked you… Master Shin?” Chimoshikimo asked with deep suspicion.

“I already said; I don’t… Didn’t, I! Well then, that should be all for now.” Shin replied with a stern tone of voice.

“Hey! Wait a moment… What was the connection between your story and us wearing girl clothes?” You chan curiously asked.

Chimoshikimo san turned around and pointed at Seira wearing boyish short and T-shirt, climbing the coconut tree next to the bamboo hut.

“That’s the connection, if you want her to walk like a lady…. Both of you must show it to her, by example.” The Butler walked away, while trying to hide the big grin on his face.

“WHAT..?!” Shin and You chan simultaneously responded out of shock.

“Does this mean: we have to keep wearing girly clothes and make up until… Seira figures out, what a lady supposed to be like?”

“Precisely, Master Shin… or I should say… Mistress Shin.” Chimoshikimo replied seriously.

While Youko chan giggles her heart out, as she waited for Seira to reach the top of the coconut tree and drop some for a refreshing coconut juice drink for both of them.

To be continued…
Posted 5/16/11 , edited 5/16/11
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