Peach Flavored Kisses
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Peach Flavored Kisses

At the Dorm: It’s almost six O’clock in the evening; and this beautiful young lady sleeping… so soundly next to me, is Jade… Just look at her… smooth fair skin, cute kissable pink lips and those thick eyelashes, aside from her weird personality… She is down-right--- a hottie.

Few hours earlier: At the end of the last period.

While gathering my stuff, “Kou…” Keigo whispered. “Hey, there’s a girl waiting for you; just outside the door.”

“Again..? There goes my early night cap,” thinking out loud.

“How did you know (whispering) she was waiting for me and not someone else, Hmmm…?”

“…Because she asked for you.”

“So, you know what this means…”

“Hai…” Keigo replied reluctantly. “No free dinner for tonight?”

“Good boy!” While; ruffling his hair, “Ja... matta ashita.”

As I walked pass the door, she started to follow me…. So I took a detour into a less crowded area, and then, I stopped; and turned around.

“Why are you following me?” I asked while glaring at her very closely.

“A..anou… Koji san… Onamae wa Jade desu, Yoroshiku onegai shimas!”

“Keep going… Jade,” I replied, in a cold calm voice.

“K.. Koji san, do you accept tutoring?”

“So… What about it?”

“You see…” she continued; with a very shy gesture, “I have an exam tomorrow; And, I’m not very good with Japanese Classics…” She uttered with tense tone of voice, while her head bowed down.

“Please Sempai, I need your help….”

“Gees… What a relief! I thought; it is another one of those love confessions again.”

“Sure! No problem…”

“Really… Sempai?” She replied with a slightly surprised expression on her face.

“However, you are aware… about my hourly… donation-fee, aren’t you?”


“And one more condition… You must never tell anyone about--- that certain donation fee, especially, the teachers.”

“Hai!” She replied with enthusiasm.

“Good! Otherwise; you will be spending few days in the hospital: If... you do: Get my drip, Jade?”

All of the sudden she stopped following and remained…. Motion less. After about six to seven meters, I noticed she’s not behind me. So I turned around; and shouted, “What are you waiting for Christmas?!” Only then; she finally snapped out of shock, and started catching-up.

“I already had enough materials for Japanese Classics in my room. So there’s no need to go to the library. Are you fine with that?”

“Hai’i” she replied, with a certain degree of pinkish hint of color on her cheeks. And a bashful little smile on her lips. As she just followed me quietly all the way to my Dorm and into my room. But, as soon as, I locked the door and turn around… she jumped on me with both of her arms and legs around my body.

“Hey!” I shouted. “What exactly are you… an octopus!?” The more I tried to free myself, the tighter it gets. She’s ignoring me… and just keeps on murmuring… “Sem.. pai… over and over.” In the back of my mind; I keep wondering… I must be cursed! Why do I keep attracting all the weird ones?

Anyway, I removed my shoes and walked my way towards the sofa with her---still clinging like an octopus.

“There… there,” with a soft calming tone; “You can let go now… please… Jade?” She loosen her grip a little.

“I’ll make us some tea, stay here, please…?”

However, as soon as, I draw some distance from her, she grabbed me back. “This is just great! Absolutely fabulous!!” I thought; while tapping my hand on her head, like petting a puppy.

Then I remembered…. Yup! It might work. So I asked her, you don’t mind wearing a custom jewelry… aren’t you?

She nodded… with a cute little smile on her dial.

So I pulled out the handcuffs hidden under the sofa cushion, and showed it to her.

Are you sure….it’s Ok?

She nodded, with a big smile, this time and offered both of her paws, I mean her hands. As I secured the hand-cuffs on her wrist; I wondered, “What sort of thought does she actually have inside that head of hers?”

“Good girl! Jade. Right! What about for those…?” As I point towards her feet.

“You might need: A matching anklets with those pretty bangles of yours, don’t you think?”

She nodded with a smile.

“Great! Click- clack… there, you go… a pair of matching anklets.”

Finally.... now, I can make us some tea. While I’m on it, I might as well bring out some lollies. After, I poured her a cup of tea; I offered some lollies, “Would you like some sweets… Jade?”

“Yes, please…” she answered cheerfully.

“What sort of lollies are these?” She curiously asked.

“I made them. With a double cream white chocolate praline laced with peach sake. I called it: Peach flavored Kisses.” I replied earnestly. “Would you like to try one?”

“I loved to…” she replied with enthusiasm.

“Help yourself then… Okay?”

Alright, let’s go back to business, “please wait here, I’ll go and get all the materials we need for your Japanese Classics exam.”

As soon as I collected all the books we required, I returned back… Jade!

“What’s wrong---hey! Jade!!” (Damn! I was really worried).

“I don’t feel so good… Sem..pai… the room is moving is there an earthquake?”

I looked for the lollies and there’s nothing left, she had eaten all twelve of them. “Silly girl… no wonder you feel that way.”

“Peach flavored kisses, so yummy!” She burst out exuberantly. Afterwards, she passed out.

“Well, I guess I can take-off the handcuffs.” I carried her over to my bed, and tuck her in. She looks so harmless when she’s asleep.” I thought.

Few hours later….

“Jade… Oki nasai” (wake-up) “Tako chan… (Octopus chan) Hey!” I pinched her cheeks with my finger tips. “You have been asleep for sometime---Mrs. Boss will be doing her inspection round pretty soon. And there’s no female visitor allowed to stay in Boys Dorm after six O’clock.”

“Get-up… Jade!” I’ll walk you back to your house.

“No… Ladies Dorm… take me….”

“They said you are; a self centered, calculating, coldhearted and manipulative person.”

“But for me… you are the best! Koji Sem..pai….”

“Gees… thanks for the compliments, Tako chan.”

She’s just too drowsy to even walk… I thought, it might be a lot easier, if I just give her a piggy back ride all the way; and I did.

As soon as I tucked her; into her own bed, “I’m going now, Tako chan. I prepared a reviewer for you, while you were sleeping… You can read it as soon as you wake up.”


Back to the sanctuary of my own room, I keep thinking, “This is exactly the reason… Why I hate being Nice!”

Posted 5/16/11 , edited 5/16/11
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