[JDrama~2011] Bull Doctor
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38 / F / sabah
Posted 5/19/11 , edited 11/26/11

Title: ブルドクター
Title (romaji): Bull Doctor
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Forensics
Episodes: 11
Viewership rating: 13.1 (Kanto)
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-06 to 2011-Sep-14
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Theme song: Far As The Sky by CHARICE

Tamami (Esumi Makiko) is a shrewd forensic pathologist who boldly acts according to her own convictions. She would do whatever it takes to reveal the truth behind the deaths of victims who have no voice, and pays no heed to the objections from those around her. But at home, she has trouble with household chores and communicating with her son, which makes her feel torn between work and family. Chika (Ishihara Satomi) is a career detective who does nothing at the police precinct. She wants success in work as well as marriage, but her life spins around in aimless circles. Even though the two of them face off each other over strange, unnatural deaths and get into conflicts because they are the least compatible, they unravel these mysteries as if they are speaking for the dead.


Esumi Makiko as Odate Tamami
She spent the past 2 years and 3 months on a government-sponsored overseas exchange programme in the US, in an effort to introduce a revolutionary system for determining causes of death to Japan. Upon her return to the country, she took up a post as an associate professor of the forensic medicine school at Kokuritsu Joto University’s faculty of medicine. The mother of a 9-year-old boy. New on the job, she objects to police inquests that determine autopsies to be unnecessary in accidents and this stirs trouble. As a consequence, she is called bad news by the police. In her passion for investigating the cause of death, or rather earnestness, she is unable to discern a forensic pathologist’s duty, lacks common sense, is extremely reckless and repeatedly causes childish trouble. She is a woman with strong convictions, who would push her way forward like a bull dozer. But on the other hand, she is lousy at housework, has difficulty raising her son. She is also a housewife with many worries.

Ishihara Satomi as Kamatsuda Chika
A detective at Musashi Police Precinct. Rank: Police Inspector. Although she is a career police officer, she was transferred to the precinct as a sort of demotion. She is in a hurry for achievements but is conspicuous for the fruitlessness of her efforts. Furthermore, as a result of her conflicts with Odate Tamami over almost everything, she gets deep into trouble. She gets tossed about both socially and professionally and starts to have a hellish, stressful time each day. In contrast to her professional problems, housework allows her to unleash her natural talent. Through a strange turn of events (calligraphy class), she begins interacting with Tamami’s son, Kosuke. She is currently dating Nakura Junnosuke, an associate professor at the forensic medicine school, but is deeply troubled that she cannot read his mind.

Inagaki Goro as Nakura Junnosuke
An associate professor of the forensic medicine school at Kokuritsu Joto University’s faculty of medicine. An ultra-realist and a person who fears rocking the boat even though he does not affirm the current, wretched system of determining causes of death. Because he has been calling the shots at the forensic medicine school until Odate Tamami took on her post, her presence is nothing more than a hindrance. Furthermore, he detests the idealistic and reckless Tamami as if she were a serpent, and clashes with her over everything. He is dating Kamatsuda Chika, who has been hinting at marriage, but he treats her cooly and his true intentions cannot be read.

Shida Mirai as Takeda Mia
A first year medical student at Kokuritsu Joto University’s faculty of medicine. The only daughter of Professor Takeda Nobuo. Like her father, whom she respects, she is embarking on the path of a forensic pathologist. She adores Odate Tamami and sympathises with her. Wanting to be of help in the hunt for the truth in cases, she often follows Tamami to many crime scenes without her permission. A hidden, shocking past soon emerges … …

Kohinata Fumiyo as Takeda Nobuo
A professor of the forensic medicine school at Kokuritsu Joto University’s faculty of medicine. He is well respected at academic conferences and is an authority of anatomical science in Japan but does not appear to be a part of the rat race within the university. Although he is a rational thinker, he will always keep an eye on his classes and give them sound advice. He is also tolerant of Odate Tamami’s unreasonable behaviour and gets stuck in the very childish battle between her, Kamatsuda Chika and Nakura Junnosuke. He has a mischievous side and a slight alcohol dependency. He lives with his only daughter, Mia.

Ichikawa Kamejiro as Odate Takahiro
Odate Tamami’s husband. A surgeon. They tend to come and go at different times because of their hectic jobs, but are a happily married couple. Because he understands Tamami’s character and respects her, he allowed her to study abroad for two years. He is keeping a secret from her.

Aoki Ryohei as Odate Kosuke
Odate Tamami’s only son. A third grade elementary student who is overly reliant on his mother. He thinks his mother is a very great doctor.

Additional Cast:
Brother Tom as Narumi Kohei
Sakura as Matsuoka Ayame
Ohno Takuro as Fujimura Shunsuke
Ikeda Narushi as Izumi Koji
Anan Kenji as Kamioka Yoshihiko
Magii as Yashiro Kengo
Ichige Yoshie as Nakagawa Mizue
Yamazaki Gakudai as Shimodaira Akira
Imasato Makoto as Murata Takashi
Miyadera Tomoko as the Forensic deparment clerk
Ono Asuka as Mia's friend
Kudo Emi as Mia's friend

01 The reckless female doctor is moved the bond of the couple being investigated ~ 13.9
02 The suspicious associate professor ~ 10.8
03 The mystery of the plastic beauty ~ 13.9
04 Autopsy vs. heart transplant! The ultimate choice ~ 13.8
05 A 30% mortality rate! Emergency closure of the autopsy room ~ 13.7
06 Revenge! The kidnapper's target is the forensic pathologist ~ 12.6
07 Medical error!? The female doctor who indicted her husband ~ 11.8
08 The professor's death!? The reckless resolution to resign! ~ 12.9
09 A dark hospital ward...? No one can be trusted anymore ~ 12.6
10 The forbidden scalpel! The truth behind the transplant surgery ~ 11.9
11 An investigation of the cause of death is absolutely impossible a forbidden reckless run! I won't give up! ~ 16.4

Average 13.1

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28 / F / Croatia
Posted 7/6/11 , edited 7/6/11
I'm so gonna love this drama ~!

At first, I must admit, the name was weird... I thought " what is this...." *lol*
Then I read the plot and saw the genre
But another thing I need to admit is that I wouldn't read those things if I didn't saw that Shida Mirai is gonna be in it *lol* love that girls acting.
The rest of the cast is to my liking too
Can't wait
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26 / F
Posted 7/6/11 , edited 7/6/11
story sounds good and Ishihara Satomi !!!!
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38 / F / sabah
Posted 11/25/11 , edited 11/26/11
Already in episode 5!!!

and its GOOD!

loved the chemistry between Odate Sensei (Esumi Makiko) & Kamatsuda (Ishihara Satomi)
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28 / F
Posted 11/26/11 , edited 11/26/11
so cool ^^
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38 / F / sabah
Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/28/11

Finished............8/10.....VERY GOOD DRAMA
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