Post Reply Easter Members
Posted 5/21/11 , edited 8/17/11

1. Please don't just jump sides because you've 'realize what you were doing was wrong and you now feel bad.' That's crap, you need to stick with Easter. If you want to be with the Guardians as well make another character.
2. Please, everyone don't make a Utau and Ikuto duo thing.
3. Respect that you are with Easter. It's not fair to loyal members to have a rat on their side when they have lower numbers.
4. If you have literally no intetion of stealing a chara delete your Easter character now please. It doesn't even matter if you actually achieve your goal but that's the whole thing Easter is doing and if you just joined that side to get a sad life story, delete your character and let me know.
5. 'Easter is using you.' I really don't like when people say that're making your own missions and that kind of stuff so yeah.

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