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Hello everyone! This is the RP registration. Fill out this form:

Character name:
Position (animal) registering for:
Pic/Description(in spoiler plz!):
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Username: marshmellowsnail
Character name: Fujioka Mika
Position (animal) registering for: Bunny ^^
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Mika is a strange girl. She is hyper and happy. She talks to animals and plants and is often off in her own world. She is also very sweet. She has a huge wish to be calm and controlled.
Pic/Description(in human form + in animal form)(in spoiler plz!):
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21 / F / Australia
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Username: xXSakura-chanXx
Character name: Sakura Hanasaki
Position (animal) registering for: Fox
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Sakura is very energetic girl, but is shy around people she doesn't know. Is very friendly, loves to make new friends. Loves singing and drawing. Sakura has a temper, but most of the time she manages to control it. She gets extremely angry when someone hurts her friends or animals though.
Pic/Description(in spoiler plz!):
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Both accepted
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plz register, this is depressing
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