Please view and favorite my anime sticker videos!
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Posted 5/22/11 , edited 5/22/11
Hey Everyone!

I was hoping to reach out to the CrunchyRoll community for some additional support for my art videos!

For the past 2 years I have been making vinyl stickers as a hobby, and just before Christmas 2010 I
decided to start a project, to do a little performance art, as well as show people what goes into making
a vinyl sticker after a machine plots it.

So... I created the youtube channel: http://

This shows the vinyl weeding process, where you remove all of the excess vinyl, leaving
behind the fully designed sticker.

I have done several anime characters, including 2 Ichigo stickers (one of the final Getsuga Tensho!).

I am hoping to get a lot more subscribers, and views, so that I can eventually dedicate a lot more
time to the sticker videos.

My most recent one is the Predator from the movies. I am also about to do Johnny the Homicidal
Maniac, and a sticker of the Mayan Calendar (my most ambitious to date, estimating it might take 2
hours to finish!).

Please go, view all of my videos, subscribe to my channel so you will see my new ones (hopefully
one each week), and please thumbs up and favorite the videos! This will help to get my videos to show
up more on Youtube when it suggests videos to people!

Thanks again everyone, and let me know what you think!

BTW, since these are videos, I cant post them in this topic, but I am attaching a screenshot of one.
It is from my Tyrannosaurus Rex video, that sticker is 52" long !

And here is one from my Predator video!

Thank you again!

-Robert (TheStickerMaker)
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