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Post themed stories for Mirror Mirror on the wall here~

There are NO length/language restrictions

~Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Mirror Mirror Save Us All~


Blinding Darkness

A deathly growl emitted from somewhere down the dark hall and the boy stopped dead in his tracks. The dim lights flickered over head before going out and in the next second they were on again. The air was stale with a sickening smell of death. The light bulb overhead flickered on and off again as the boy stepped into the hallway.

A demonic snarl ruptured from something deep within the labyrinth and the young boy quivered, his body covered in a sheen of sweat. A buzzing noise from the malfunctioning light source filled the eerie silence and resonated throughout the room. The boy gulped in anxiety as the sound seemed to crescendo, almost drowning the next vicious snicker.

The boy took another step in front of him but paused quietly to listen. His ear picked up that faint buzzing noise again but quickly ignored it before it got louder. Light, shuffling footsteps could be heard a distance off, a quiet murmuring accompanied it. The boy's foot twitched in anticipation and his hand tightened its hold on the knife. He steeled himself as he heard the taunting laughter grow louder, more clear. The shuffling footsteps turned into a mocking jog. The boy gasped and staggered back as he realized what it was doing. Heavy pants of breath echoed off the walls down the hall before suddenly stopping.

The boy backed into the dimly lit room, his breath coming out harsh and quick from fear. A light scuttling sound could be heard from the pitch-black hall. The lights flickered off again and footsteps suddenly started running toward the room. The lights turned on. The boy gasped wildly and pressed his back harder against the cold bricks. His heart was pounding erratically, threatening to jump out of his chest. His head whipped to the side, desperately trying to find a way out. The lights went out. The running footsteps reappeared, only to slow to a stop right at the doorway to the room. A primeval snarl resonated in the darkness that raised the hair on the boy's arm. The light switched on.

The boy gripped the wall behind him in terror, the knife cutting into his skin. The buzzing noise reappeared with a vengeance. Blood dripped beneath his nails as he scratched at the wall frantically. His brown eyes were large with horror, barely containing the tears from escaping down his cheeks. The light flickered off. A small whimper left the boy's lips as the thing walked slowly across the room, getting a drive out of his fear. Raspy pants sounded from a few feet in front of him. The light suddenly turned back on. The boy gasped as the sudden transition revealed an empty room.

The brunette let out a sigh of relief, his chest still raising and falling heavily. His tense muscles began to relax and he finally felt pain flood over the adrenaline rush. He raised his hand to his face, taking in the red, angry cut and he smiled. The bulb blinked on and off quickly before it shuttered and turned off. Cumbersome growls reappeared from the center of the room. The boy's eyes widened painfully in shock, the knife almost falling from his injured hand. Loud footsteps made their way toward him tauntingly.

The boy shrunk against the wall, his fingers re-clenching around the sharp metal in his hand. A demented snicker came from right in front of him as the footsteps stopped. The boy swung the blood coated knife wildly, his panic reaching extremes. Condescending laughter mocked him as the blade only met air. Then suddenly it was knocked from his hand as the thing slammed him against the wall with inhuman speed. A yelp came from the victim as the air escaped from his lungs. A taloned hand grinded against his ribs roughly, before a mutated face pressed itself into the boy's neck. It's hot breath sent shivers down the boy's spine as the stench of death over whelmed his senses. A slick tongue ran down his neck, tasting it's prey. The boy shuddered in fear and gasped when an eerie buzz was the only warning he got before the light overhead turned on. Tears of relief threatened to cascade down his cheeks as he saw no one was there, but soon it turned to dread as he found himself still pinned against the brick wall.

He choked on a sob briskly, swallowing his tears. He winced when he felt something cut into his arm, letting a rich substance pool over it and trail down to his hand. It was there, and it was waiting for the darkness to come to consume him. He still felt the raspy breath against his neck and his stomach twisted with nausea. They told him not to go into the darkness, to not let it find him. Now it was only too late to realize how stupid he had been, how naive. Now only too late did he realize darkness wouldn't show him any answers; only now did he realize darkness was blinding...

The light bulb flickered off.
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( This story is what im using for my yr 8 english exam )

The sacifice

Down the long , bumpy , abanded road in the sea side town called Toma , Midnight Manor stands tall . An Eerie gothic archway gaurded by decayed black roses spied at the entrance to the manor . Over grown spikey grass stood so close to death .

Three shadows strolled up the drive way . A black cat was perched in the arms of Kagome . Her dark and ligth pink dress blew in the secretive wind . Ruby walked up to the forbidden door with a brave look on her face , not knowing who and what was listening . The knocker was a old , rusty crescent moon with no signs of life . " So my dare starts here ? " confirmed Kagome with a beeming smile on her pale face . Ruby nooded leaning back ageist the wall , " You always say you like the supernatual so why not prove it , oh and your adopted sister has to go with you " answered Ruby pointing towards Fumiko who was reading a book as she pushed open the door and walked inside . " This book is about theroies of ghosts ive got one word , Fake " Fumiko sighed not looking up from her book . The door slammed shut behind Kagome . Her face darkened , " i wouldn't say that if I was you " She warned .

Cobwebs that tickle you hung from the rotten banisters . A foul smell floated from the kicten . It was the smell of blood , fresh blood . The floor boreds creaked as Kagome skipped up the dusty staircase . As she stopped half way up her shoulder lengh brown hair blew but there was no wind . " This place is so boring " moaned Fumiko closing her book and putting it into her handbag . Kagome skipped of with no word . A grotsque shadow appeared behind Kagome . There bone - chilling eyes pierced through the solid cold walls . " So am I right ? " asked Kagome wiping the dust of a painting . It revelled a painting of a golden coloured butterfly flying infront of a blood red moon , " I love this painting " she smiled . " Yes she's the one thanks " Thanked the shaddow . Fumiko leaped up the stairs . " Stop walking away " ordered Fumiko sounding strict .

The lights flicked on . Writing was left on the wall leaving , ' Lets play ' written in blood . " Thank goodness the electrify is finley workind , the previous owners were strange just like you " sighed Fumiko looking up at the writing . Kagome quitely tiptoed away with a gaint smile on her face , " A game huh . . . sounds fun " she thought .

A scream came from behind her . " Writing on the wall ? Twise ? " examined Ruby . When Kagome turned around on the wall was , " Find the teddy bear " teases the writing . Fumiko let out a long sigh after checking th time on her mobile phone , " I've got time to spear I might as well play this bogus game " Fumikp mumbled walking of . Spiders tangled from there webs . The sun started to set out side . It was quite out side apart from the sound of birds laughing at the house .

Fumiko ran of with Ruby on the mission to find the teddy bear . In the attack Kagome stood checking her hair in the long mirror . " Not going to tear it up little sis " Fumiko laughed noticing a black teddy bear in the cornor of the room with a cold look in her eye . " And why would I do that ? " Kagome smiled her ton of voice changed .

Fumiko leaned back agiest the locked door . " It was you , how ? Ghosts and magic dont exist so cross out that option " Fumiko suggested not believeing what she just hered . A circle of black candles lit one by one followed by candles along the self's . Kagome placed her black cat Mystery out side of the circle . " Are you dense or what ? Of course it was me , well partly and it was used by magic you see Yumi 's skill is blood magic " giggled Kagome . The light from the candles revelled voodoo dolls covered in pins amd jars of blood .

A girl witth blonde hair and gold eyes jumped out from behind Kagome . " She shares the blood of the man who trapped me here " Yumi sniffed with her left eye shut . " Who's your friend ? " Fumiko asked trying to open the door behind her . There was no answer . Candles decorated along the shelf . A scream came from the hallway . " I asked our demon puppet friend Kira to take care of the one known as Ruby " explained Yumi .

A deep howl echoed outside . The soundless wind crashed into the hallow bricks , " Lets play the finale part of the game " giggled Yumi places a purple hat with orange pumpkin stitches upon her head . Blood spalted onto the walls spelling ' Run ' . Without hesitating the door springed open letting Fumiko run away . On top of the gothic archway Kagome and Yumi were watching the game . " Found you " snarled Yumi swinging her legs . The two of them were sitting on top of a light house . " So were to next ? " wondered Yumi watching the stormy sea . " How about London we are demons we deserve the better of the best " smiled Kagome steering up at the starry night sky with Mystery on her lap . Three weeks later it was reported that Fumiko and Ruby were murdered moements before Fumiko's younger adopted sister who has just came into the family got kipnapped . And that was the end of that
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23 / F / Walking through W...
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There were a bunch of spelling mistakes and I was a little bit confused about what was going on :/ but don't worry it's true you get better the more you practice, and you already write better than I did when I was in 8th grade~ All of your detail was excellent ^_^ so keep up the good work!
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Thank you , I hope my english teacher Mrs jackson hopes it
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(I got the chills writing this story. I'm like scared out my skin that this is gonna happen to me...I'm gonna have nightmares....DX But I had to write it....The inspiration came to me after reading the heading...I'm a horror hater yet gravitated to want to read/watch it...)

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Mirror mirror save us all.
It's been years since we've been locked,
It's been centuries since we ate.
I wonder who is going to be our next delicious meal.
One person eaten equals one person saved

"That is so creepy...." Yuki shivered. Fumio stood proudly after he had recited the chant. "I heard of it...It was said that if it was recited during a full moon at that old mansion in front of the mirror in the lobby, something would appear." Mikuni stated. Everyone stared at him, "What?" he asked. "How did you know that?" Takeshi asked. "It's the legend..." Mikuni shrugged. "Did you hear that once there was a group of kids that went and did the poem but only one came out? Seems like he claimed that he saw ghosts and the people that went in with him, they all got eaten and only he survived" Yuki said. Mikuni shrugged, "It could be bull, y'know?" Fumio grinned, "Wanna find out? There's a full moon in 2 days." Yuki looked at Fumio, "You crazy? There's no way I'm going." she shook her head. "Narumi is going." Fumio taunted. Yuki stiffened, “Fine, but only cuz Narumi is going.” Yuki huffed. Fumio smiled, “Okay, we have Yuki, Narumi, Takeshi, Mikuni and me. We need find one more person,” he announced. “How about that girl in 3-A…er… Rikuo? She claims she can see ghosts.” Mikuni suggested. “Sure.” Fumio shrugged. “Neh… Should we study about this?” Takeshi asked. “I guess.” Fumio shrugged.

After school, everyone gathered at Fumio’s house. “Okay, guys! Let’s get started!” Fumio said. “HAI!” everyone said, taking a book from the ground. Everyone started reading on the legend. “Hey, guys! Listen to this….” Mikuni said after a while. Everyone looked up from their books. Mikuni cleared his throat, “Well, apparently at the mansion….

There was some sort of accident in the lobby in 1892. The wife of the owner died from tripping down the stairs. After that incident, the owner claims that he could see her apparition. He moved out immediately. The second house owner moved in 10 months later. Apparently, the second owner was a witch and often casted spells in the mirror. It seems that the mirror absorbed such energies and soon became cursed. The witch was caught 2 years later and burned at stake. At the stake, she cried out, ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, mirror mirror will destroy us all. Years come, years go; I will take what enters the house and devour you all.’ Then she was burned. Since then, no one entered the house.

Yuki shivered, “That’s crazy!” Mikuni shrugged. “Hey…I found something too!” Takeshi said. “In the year 1899, two teenagers entered the house, in order to escape their parent’s scrutiny. But they never came out. And 3 years later, a group of bandits entered the house; only one came out alive, delirious and was sent to the asylum. He was heard chanting: Mirror mirror on the wall, mirror mirror save us all, it’s been years since we've been locked, it's been centuries since we ate. I wonder who is going to be our next delicious meal. One child eaten equals one child saved over and over again. Before he died, he pointed towards the ceiling and said, “She’s watching. She’s going to eat us all…She’ll never rest.” Takeshi ended. “This isn’t a good idea….” Rikuo said. “You afraid?” Fumio taunted. Rikuo didn’t reply and went back to her reading.

When night fell, everyone bid each other good bye and promised to meet each other in 2 days at Fumio’s house. Fumio smiled, “We’re going to break this mystery!” he said triumphantly before going to bed.

Come one, come all. Come join our merry making, come join out lovely feast. Just step through the mirror and you can have it all. Join us, you lonely soul and we’ll help you heal. We’ll be your friends; we’ll be your family! Once in, never out, you’ll have so much fun; you’ll never want to leave!

The day of the adventure came and everyone arrived at Fumio’s house with their stuff. “Okay guys, here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to go in, look around and go to the mirror, recite the chant and see if anything happens.” Fumio said. Rikuo seemed uneasy but said nothing. “It’ll be quick and easy. There’s nothing at all! I bet everyone that went in is just lying about it.” Fumio said. Yuki clung on to Narumi’s arm and nodded slowly. “Alright! Let’s go!” Fumio said.

The group made their way to the mansion and entered the house. They all switched on their flashlights; they swept the lights around, looking at their surroundings. “There’s the mirror,” Takeshi said, pointing to the mirror at the top of the stairs. “Alright, let’s go.” Fumio said, leading the way. Rikuo followed behind everyone, walking slowly, observing the surrounding.
Once in front of the mirror, Fumio faced the group, “Ready?” he asked. Everyone swallowed and nodded. “1, 2, 3 go!” Fumio counted everyone in and everyone started the chant. Once done, they looked at the mirror, waiting for something to appear. “See? Told you. Nothing!” Fumio said after a few minutes, shrugging. Yuki swallowed before pointing to the mirror, “Fu-Fumio…l-look….” Yuki stuttered out, pale. Fumio turned his head to the mirror to come face to face with what looks like a carnival. “A carnival?” Narumi whispered.

“Come one, come all! Come join our merry carnival and have some fun!” a male voice boomed. The group jumped at the voice and looked around for the source. “Guys….Fumio, we need to go. This is too dangerous!” Rikuo warned. Takeshi was staring at the mirror and slowly began walking towards it with his hand out before him. “Takeshi!” Rikuo called but it was too late, Takeshi had walked through the mirror and was in the carnival. Yuki gasped in surprise then ran to join Takeshi on the other side when she saw how much fun Takeshi was having. “Yuki!” Narumi called, following Yuki. Mikuni, who couldn’t resist the temptation, ran after them. Fumio stared incredulously. “Fumio, we have to leave! It’s too dangerous!” Rikuo tugged at Fumio’s shirt. “What? You two don’t want to join?” the male asked. Rikuo swallowed, “Fumio! Let’s leave!” Rikuo tugged harder, more desperate. “Come, young man, ignore that lady over there, join your friends!” the male voice beckoned.

Fumio slowly walked towards the mirror, “Fumio!” Rikuo called once Fumio entered the mirror. The male laughed, “Little lady, why don’t you join us?” the male asked. “I’m not stupid! I know what you’re trying to do, witch!” Rikuo hissed. The male’s jolly face turned ugly and into a female face, “I’m not a witch!” it screeched, the image in mirror changed into a horrific scene of many faces, twisted in pain, screeching, “Help us! Let us out!!” Rikuo reeled back in horror as she saw how mutated each one looked. “Let her eat your soul and let me out!” one screamed. Rikuo swallowed, ‘Where’s everyone?’ she looked in the mirror for her companions.

“Are you looking for your friends?” a cold voice asked. Rikuo looked up to see a woman holding a crystal ball; in the crystal ball were where her friends were in the house. Rikuo scowled, “Give them back!” she yelled. The woman smiled, “That’s a bit no-no, darling, you see once in my domain, one cannot return.” She tutted. Rikuo growled at the woman. “But of course, in the chant, it did say, one person eaten equals one person saved. So come, go find your friends, but there will a an ultimate sacrifice.” The woman disappeared, the mirror showed the carnival once again. Rikuo looked around frantically, not seeing one of her companions.

Rikuo rushed through the mirror. “So you did decide to join us.” The man smiled, “Come, let me show you to a place you’ll love.” The man guided Rikuo towards tent. “NO!” Rikuo yelled and ran for it, looking desperately for her friends. “Narumi! Yuki!” she called. “Takeshi! Fumio! Mikuni!” she called out, passing one tent to another. She stopped, breathing hard, ‘That woman showed me where everyone was, but, I can’t find them…Wait…’ she thought, thinking back to the crystal ball, ’Everyone was in place with a mirror!’ Rikuo looked around and spotted the House of Mirrors.

She ran towards the House of Mirrors and entered it. She looked at the mirrors and spotted some movement in one of the images. She touched the image and walked through to another room. Rikuo was assaulted by a strong smell of blood, she gagged at the smell. “Narumi? Yuki?” Rikuo called out softly. “Fumio? Takeshi? Mikuni?” she called out another set of names when no one answered. She spotted a shadow near a table; she walked towards it, cautiously. When she discovered it was Takeshi, she sighed in relief, “Takeshi!” she touched his shoulder, Takeshi turned, he was missing his eyeballs and was crying tears of blood. “Why~ Rikuo? Why didn’t you save me earlier?” he wailed. Rikuo backed away slowly, and made a run for it. ‘I’m sorry, Takeshi.’ she thought, going back through the mirror.

Rikuo came out of the mirror and blindly ran through another mirror. She ended up in a bedroom, “Mikuni? Narumi?” she called out. When she heard a shuffle, she turned to the sound. There was sobbing. “Yuki?” she asked, slowly approaching the figure, crouched on the floor. She touched the figure’s shoulder, the figure turned, it was Narumi. “Narumi!” she said in relief, but to her horror, Narumi’s throat was cut and his voice box torn out. Rikuo’s eyes widened and ran for it. ‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ she said, panicking. She ran through the mirror she came from and returned to the House of Mirrors. “Hurry~ Hurry~ Or your friends will die.” A shrill voice laughed. Rikuo was irritated and scared. She looked around the mirrors and chose one to run through.

Once again in a different room, she called out the names of her remaining companions. In that room, she came face to face to Mikuni, who wailed in anguish and in pain, “You! It’s all you fault! Look at me!” he screamed, he was missing limbs. Rikuo stared in horror then once again, ran for it, tears streaming down her face. “Run, run, run little lady, scurry and find your friends who will never return. Scamper around this twisted wonderland but never find a way out.” A voice taunted Rikuo as she ran through another mirror.

This time, she was in a closet; she looked around, “Fumio?” she called frantically. Receiving no answer, she called out, “Yuki?” She received a small whimper. “Yuki!” she said, approaching the sound. Rikuo screamed out in terror to see Yuki’s heart torn out and Yuki lying on the floor. She ran, even more scared than before. She ran through the mirror and quickly ran through another.

The room this time was a ballroom. “Fumio??” she called out. Searching for her companion, “FUMIO? YOU THERE?” she yelled. She saw a small shadow move. She walked cautiously to the shadow to notice it was Fumio. “Fumio,” she gently tapped Fumio’s shoulder. But Fumio quickly moved and pointed a shard of glass at Rikuo. “Fumio! It’s me! Rikuo!” Rikuo said, slowly approaching Fumio. Fumio discovered that it was Rikuo and dropped his weapon. He hugged Rikuo, crying, “I was so scared. There were bodies and…and…” he stuttered. Rikuo patted Fumio’s head, “I know…But we gotta leave now!” Rikuo said, tugging Fumio to his feet. She ran towards the mirror and found that they weren’t able to pass. “Crap!” she swore. “Time’s up~” a childish voice said. Rikuo turned to see a mob of people. “You had your turn, now let us devour you…” they said. Rikuo looked at them in fear. She took Fumio’s arm and ran towards the door of the ballroom.

Once outside the room, she ran blindly through the hallway. “Rikuo! Where we going??” Fumio cried out, trying to catch up with Rikuo’s pace. “Out! Out of this house and into the streets!” Rikuo yelled, searching for the lobby. She spotted a light down the hallway and realized it was their flashlights that they forgot to turn off. She ran towards the flashlights. Upon reaching the flashlights, she ran down the stairs and out the front door. “No~~ Our food! Our freedom!!” the people wailed in agony on losing Fumio and Rikuo.

In the streets, the two gasped for air. The sun was rising. “The…the others?” Fumio asked. “Dead…” Rikuo answered. “I should’ve listened to you and left then and there…But I…I didn’t listen! And now everyone’s gone!” Fumio cried. “Shh…” Rikuo hugged Fumio in order to calm him down.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Mirror mirror save us all.
It's been years since we've been locked,
It's been centuries since we ate.
I wonder who is going to be our next delicious meal.
One person eaten equals one person saved

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2magicgirl wrote:

Thank you , I hope my english teacher Mrs jackson hopes it

Omg! i have a teacher named Mrs Jackson! :O
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Really ? Cool
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23 / F / Walking through W...
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I'm impressed that you made a story by getting inspired here! That really makes me happy Although there were some minor spelling mistakes and I felt you skimmed on the details that would have really made it epic; it was also a bit repetitive: how she got freaked out by a shadow but it was suddenly one of her friends and she grabbed their shoulder each time. I felt more detail here would have made it better but all in all it was an awesome story XD I'm glad I read it! ^^
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She stood in the corner, tear stains one her eyes.

How did it come to be that her wonderful dreams were to come out so wrong? How come time itself unwound just for her, giving her a life she never imagined, but then they turned to nightmares, too. This wasn't my dream.... she thought, but the thoughts came too late. She steped thru the mirror and all was lost, her hope, her peace of mind, her life. Forever entrapped here in this dark pit of nothingness, always in pain, trying to get out. She was mad, mad as a hatter.

Her name was Alice Button.

She was always told that everything she did was good, and it got rather boring, and she began to think she was above it all, then she wished that everything would change. You see, Alice was a rich girl, and her parents had done their best to prevent any pain from touching her, and thay did, phisically.

Alice sat all alone in the dark pit, feeling both phisical and emotional pain. She missed her time in the dreamland, the wonderful dreamland. It shone out of her dreams like a star, how she imagined characters like the mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat, and of cource, her best friend in the dreamland, ButtOn.

No pain reached the child phisically, and her parents were contempt. Inside, Alice dreamed of somewhere better than her old victorian home, to go out, play. But that would risk her getting hurt, now wouldn't it. And she fell asleep one night, sure she was going to die like this, alone, sad, untouchable. Do people with no pain die? She would never know.

It is a rare occourance, that a child would be in so much pain an dream so big. Maybie it wouldnt have happened if she had simply fallen and scraped her knee. But, unfortunatly, it did. As she was curled up in her bed, soon falling into her dreams, It happened. The mirror on her wall begin to take shape, and turn into a dark mirror, her feelings reflected on the surface.


She immidiatly sat up, hearing the crased, yet reasuring voice.


At any other time, Alice would have shrugged it off. But, it was no ordinary time. So she got up, and immidiatly her eyes were drawn to the mirror. And, of cource, since this is no ordinary time, she had the courage to speak up.

'w-who is it?

She asked, having an attraction to the voice. I guess you could call it a fatal attraction.

Alice sat in the pit, remembering ButtOn's voice. Tears spilled out of her eyes as she cried out, the pain strengthining. She looked down at her feet and screamed.

'My name is ButtOn! ButtOn!'

Her eyes widened, as she pictured the stuffed animal in her head.

'Your real! I always knew you were real!

She looked for the doll in the mirror, but couldnt see her. She wondered if this was a dream or not, if she should stop being childish and go back to bed. And, if she did that, the voice would have gone away, and the mirrrror would have gone back to normal, and she would wake up the next morning with no memory of this incident. But, she didn't.

'Where are you, i cant see a thing in this mirror!

'Come, Alice, don't you want to play! We can play together in here!

And, as if in a trance, she took the mirror offf the wall and steped inside, crying out as she felt herself falling. She couldnt see anything, and it felt as if the tunnel had no sound. But eventually she touched the bottom of the tunnel. And she was in a forest, surrounded by Mushrooms and flowers. and she saw ButtOn, running away.

'Come catch me, catch me, and we can play!

Alice chased after the doll, who ran quite fast for such a poorly-made doll. She chased and chased her, until she ran into a little door.

'ButtOn? where are you? Im quite tired... can we play something else?' Alice asked

ButtOn, as if summoned, appeared behind the tiny door, giggling.

'Here, here, drink this, drink this!' ButtOn said, while handing her a tiny jar.

Alice drank it, feeling too tired to ask what it was. She found herself shrinking so small, just the right size to pass thru the door. She walked thru, feeling that she should go inside.

She screamed again, discovering that her feet and some of her legs were gone. She wished for some way ot of the pit, somhow that she could survive this terror. But her thouts were futile. She heared laughter coming from the top of the pit, crased laughter. She shivered and backed up against the wall, her heart pounding.

Inside the little door, she found a table, and sitting around the table, was her friends, who she recognised from her dreams. The hatter, smiling and drinking tea. The October Hair, laughing madly and smashing teacups. And the red princess, playing with rabbit's feet. She could not see their eyes a sthey were sitting, and walked closer to the table.

'hello!' She said, looking closer, trying to find their eyes.

'Helloo, Alice!' They all said, looking up at her.

Alice wasnt easily frightened, but she had to take a step back, unsure of if she should really stay. For looking up at her, were three pairs of button eyes.

'Whats wrong with your e-eyes?' She asked, scared. They laughed.

'What do you mean, silly girl! Everyone has button-eyes here!' The hatter said, and the Red princess laughed.

'Come, come join us for tea!' The Red Princess said.

Alice looked up at tthe incinious laughing. She couldnt see anyone, but knew that laugh, that horrid, attractive, cute little laugh. She remembered the tea party, her sitting down and having a good conversation with the Hatter and the Princess. Until she asked a question.

'Where's the cat and the black rabbit?'

The Hatter dropped his teacupp, and even the October hair stopped smashing teacups.

'Their not here. They are not here.' The hatter replied in a stern tone.

This tone scared Alice a little bit, and she thought about them during the tea party. The black rabbit, he was always there for her. He was interesting, a boy with bunny ears. And the cheshire cat, he was always there- well, not visible most of the time, but he was threre. But Alice put it behind her, and played with ButtOn and The hatter and the Princess and her got amkeovers. They were paying hide-and-seek in the woods, when she heard a voice.

'Why hello, Alice' It said

She recognised that voice, and turned around immidiatly.

'Oh, my! Chesshire! I thought you werent here...' She said.

The cat smiled as only he could, And Alice noticed something.

'Where are your buttons?' She asked, used to the idea.

The cat took on a serious expression, and The black Rabbit stepped out from behind a tree.

'We dont have buttons, Alice. Buttons are not good. We ran away because we don't want them. You should run away, Alice.' The black rabbit said.

'What do you mean this place is wonderful! Everything here is how i like it, we get to play all sorts of games, and the food is great! Why dont you join us?'

'They dont like cats, my dear.' The cat said. 'Run away, Alice, before it's too late. ButtOn dosent like us.

The Black hair turned to The Cat, his eyes wide, and the cat dissapeared, taking the black rabbit with him. ButtOn came out from behind the trees.

'Found you! Come on, its time for dinner!

Alice appeared automatically at a dinner table, thinking about the cat and the black rabbit. The October Hair served dinner. ButtOn told her it was steak, but it didn't taste like it. After a long converstion, button smiled and looked towards Alice.

'Stay here with us, forever. Don't you love it here? all you need is buttons. Buttons are fun'

The next events happened so quickly Alice barely remembered them. She thought of the Cat, and the Black rabbit. He tried to tell her at the table, she heard his voice in her mind. 'Run away with us, Alice.' He had said. But she ignored it and had said yes to the buttons, and then her sight became clear. She saw the creatures as they really were, the hatter, a monster with no head, the Princess, a mutalated girl who killed everything she touched, and The hair, a rabbid beast. She had screamed and tried to run, but ButtOn had her. She threw her into the pit and laughed. She looked up at that voice, that evil voice that belonged to the beast known as ButtOn. She tried to speak, but she couldnt. ButtOn smiled thru the blinding darkness and jumped down into the pit, expanding into a huge, spider-like monster.

'Don't be frightened. We can play forever and ever now. You look very cute today. Cute enough to eat, almost.'

As the beast took a step closer, Alice cried out for the very last time.

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F / Always just out o...
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These ranting were recorded for entertainment purposes from an insane young woman. Take none of them as real as they are not.

What if you were told a story backwards?
Would you be mad that it was so?
Would you be confused?
Not if you were like me.
Dark is not a meaning nor a word, its a sound.
Light is no song nor happiness its a curse.

Twinkle twinkle little light
how I can't sleep tonight
you are shining oh so bright
please oh please get out of my sight
Light Bulb Light Bulb in the sky
Why won't you let me shut an eye?

Everyone everywhere is not people nor things
They are clouds
And clouds are fire that you can eat.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Mirror Mirror save us all
The wall is ever so thick
but yet as breakable as a stick
When the moon goes to bed
the sun takes its place instead
blinding us with all its might
sleep sleep never comes at night.
After dark the stories are told
of people young and old
with only you left alone
all alone
in the light

Why would you hurt me when you are young and care when you are older?

Who says a nail is a nail?
I have ten nails
I stab myself every night with them

Blood is really blue they say but thats not true at all
Blood is purple of course or else there's no blood at all!
You were just imaging it!

Why would you follow me around.
Unless you are a dog?
Wouldn't that mean I'm a dog too
If I followed you around

A cat can be a bat can be a nat can be a crow
and a bird can be a herd of a nerd lost in the snow

You say I speak nonsense?
What if I said you spoke nonsense while I spoke plain Martian?
Would that make more sense to you?

Words can be places while places are only herd by birds.

Screams of birds come and go but true silence is so creepy that I enjoy the deafening scream of birds.

(Sorry people for my spam... I just need somewhere for my random thoughts... please enjoy)

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23 / F / Walking through W...
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I love your random thoughts ^_^ and spam away!
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20 / F
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Kuromicat I love your Alice in wonderland story!
Posted 5/17/12 , edited 5/17/12
"Hey, Haru! I'm off to the toilet! You coming?"Naoko shouted across the classroom to her friend, who was looking over her notes she made that morning. She turned her blood red eyes over and grinned.She stood.
"Okay, cool! Lets go then!" Haru stood and sighed as a love note dropped from within her notes.
They walked down the corridor and went into the toilet just as some shrieking girls ran out, bundling them behind the door. They stared as girls had broken their pocket mirrors. Haru pulled a girl and came out.
"Whats going on, Yumi-kohai?' Concern was written across her face and she was dying to find out what happened and why the girls were acting so crazy.
"M-miyame-senpai! Something weird is going on in the toilet! Please help us!' And with that she ran away.
The two girls stared at each other before Haru took off her dark red headphones and let them hang.
"Mirror mirror on the wall! Mirror mirror on the wall! Mirror mirror on the wall!" Chanting began at a furious, almost sinister pace. Haru & Naoko rushed in as seven girls were holding hands next to the mirror.... their eyes screwed shut. Suddenley, the mirror rippled, plucking one girl from the circle and purple mist enveloped her and covered her in oily tenticles. It dragged her toward the mirror and as soon as she got sucked in, her eyes opended. She had a distant look in her eyes, and looked as though she was possesed.
"Oh,no!! Wait!!" Haru jumped up and tried to grab the girl, when she realised something sinister. The tenticles began to grow on the girl's skin! Disgusted, Haru tried to pull away, but couldn't. The tenticles began to grow on her own skin. She screamed, but no words came out. She cried bitterly and struggled. ' Come with me, Haru-chan~! I'll take goooood care of you~! She yelled out, which snapped everyone out of their possesed states as she fell into the void of the mirror........
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