Recommendation for strong romantic anime?
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I'll repost this in the appropriate area since i did not realize i couldn't post something personal. thanks for the heads up and thanks for those who responded anyways
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Personal threads aren't allowed, bud.
Recommend me an Anime! **Read First Post!** - Ask for recommendations here.

Also, maybe you'd like Clannad. Its sequel Clannad After Story is just a masterpiece.

If you want heavy drama (your-not-so-typical romance), School Days is also good.

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Animegeek4ever wrote:

I was just wondering if there was any anime's with strong romantic elements that you folks could recommend to me. Maybe there is an anime out there i haven't heard of that has what I'm looking for and i haven't seen it yet. Ultimately i really want to see something really touching like Nogizaka Haruka no himitsuu or Rumbling Hearts. I really like the guys to be more assertive in the anime i guess because it makes for a stronger romance. Granted that is a hard genre of anime to find since most romances lean more towards the guy being really shy rather than actually assertive. Well, if anybody knows anything like that I'd love to hear, since i really do enjoy touching romantic anime's rather than the usual romantic comedies that are available to watch. Thanks in advance :)

Here are my favorites
1.)Clannad/After Story/Movie
3.)Card Captor Sakura TV and Movies
4.)H20-Foot Prints IN the Sand "the guy is not really assertive but more drama"
5.)Hayate the combat butler "it's on here and the male lead has a pair'
7.)My Bride Is A Mermaid
8.)Soul Eater "it's there in context"

That's all in my list
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I have always enjoyed Love Hina.
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Nice op.

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