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Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/25/11
Okaii, here's what we're gonna do. You can only be one King or Queen, but you can be two prince/princess, they just cant be related. Once all the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princess are taken, you can create your own subjects for the village, alright? I'll post the people you can be, you ask me who you want on the front page, and I post your name.

Queen Ariana.
Rules Lily Village
Traits: Nice, Kind, Sweet.
Wants her Village to be full of happiness and cheerfulness

King Rulon
Rules Lily Village
Traits: Kind, Gentle, Sweet, protective
He wants the best for his Village, but is VERY protective over his daughter.
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Princess Janess
Rules Lily Village
Traits: Nice, Sweet, Smart.
She likes everything about her castle, her village, and her family. She only has one complaint. How her Father is very protective of her, and wont let her out of Lily Village

Prince Julian
Rules Lily Village
Traits: Protective, Nice, Kind, Gentle.
He is very generous and nice, and wishes only the best for his Village and his sister.

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Queen Jenna
Rules Storm Village
Traits: Rude, arrogant, On a scale of 1-100 of niceness, she's about 2 and a half
She is very depressed, and wants depression, and only depression, in her Village. NO happiness WHAT. SO. EVER.

(Srry she's smiling in the picture XD I couldnt get her to stop)

King Danthony
Rules Storm Village
Traits: Same as Jenna, except he's more like 5 and a half for niceness
He's not entirely depressed, but he's still pretty lifeless. His wife bosses him around allot, but he's so depressed that he does whatever she says and doesnt really care.

Princess Alissa
Rules Storm Village
Traits: Kind of rude, kind of helpful, Slightly nice (Well, nicer than her parents, anyway, just, not too much.)
She is usually angry, but she doesn't always agree with her parents mean ways of ruling, and gives sympathy to some of the subjects some of the time, but when she gets a mood swing, she can be worse than her parents.

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Queen Sandra
Rules No Name Village
Traits: Mean, rude, ruthless, cruel
She is greedy and arrogant and thinks she already owns the Kingdom. She treats all the subjects in her Village, and makes them do harsh work.

(Once again, they WONT STOP SMILING! >.<)

Prince Mike
Traits: Kind, nice, has a dark side, though.
He's nice and kind, but hides this from his mother. He hates how she treat everyone like slaves, including him. He often helps the "Slaves" but can be very mean when he gets mad enough to go to his "Dark side"

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I wanna be Princess Alissa of Storm Village! >o<
Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/25/11

I wanna be Princess Alissa of Storm Village! >o<

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