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26 / M / Fighting Demons s...
Posted 6/6/11 , edited 6/7/11
Username: KyuubiROCKS
Character Name: Beldroth (last name is stripped from him in Exile)
Gender: Male
Age: is 3024 but looks 24
Race: Elf
Occupation: None (Before he was Exiled he was a respected Teacher and Assassin of the Elves)
Weapons: Custom-made Dual Daggers and a Custom Katana and for Long-range a Crossbow and a Custom small "a nest of bees" mounted onto a handle making it just as deadly as the larger version but with better accuracy. The Elves Naturally good eyesight working with the Long-range weapons.
Hair Color: Silverish/white
Eye Color: Yellow
Back Story: Beldroth was an Elf of High caliber. He was respected amongst most of the elf population and was amongst the best of weapons experts. However that love he had would one day be shunned and forgotten when he was found after an ambush one day, where they learned he not only slaughtered the enemies but his own comrades as well. When questioned he mearly claimed how he thought all life was equal and killing was fine no matter who it was. He claims that is in turn what everyone had taught him. In disgust he wasn't killed, the proud race feeling he had done worse then what death could offer him, instead giving him exile and stripping him of the 2 honors he had, his Last name and the cloak of heroes that very few, him among them, having received. He now wonders the world, looking for a purpose and killing all he disliked.
Physical Appearance:
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25 / M / In The Grey Betwe...
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F / Always just out o...
Posted 6/7/11 , edited 6/7/11
Username: Ally-Ms_Negitive
Character Name: Nyx
Age:Made before the dawn of time.
Race:Fairy (Can I be a fairy? I want to...)
Occupation: Map/location guard of the five artifacts
Weapon(s): A wand! (just kidding!)
A sword called Dawnfang/Duskfang. The sword changes every day and night from one to the other. NOTE!!! It's one sword!
When Dawnfang it has a stone that glows orange and uses fire. Each hit you take sends fire throughout your body.
When Duskfang it has a stone that glows purple and uses ice. Each hit you take sends icy fury through your body.
This sword sucks out the souls of the enemies it kills, and uses those souls for energy. When nothing has been killed with it in a while the sword loses power and becomes a dull piece of metal. If you kill to many things with it, it will begin merging with your body and taking over going on a rampage. For her, her body starts looking like it was rioting.

Dawnfang left. Duskfang right.
Hair Color:blue
Eye Color: gold
BackStory: Only to the ones whom have proven themselves worthy may she expose some hints to where to find these ancient enhancers (artifacts). She tends to get lost easily so good luck tracking her down. Her identity is a secret (Until you realize she's a fairy...) She has been abducted seven times and her quick thinking and sharp eyes got her out of ear one of them. She likes to be small but she continues to be in her human form to blend in. She likes adventure and can get moody at times. She is one of the last of the fairies but hides those feelings most of the time. She hasn't realized that the humans (first to walk the earth) were the ones who destroyed and hunted fairy villages.
You will learn more as we role play. :3
Physical Appearance:


When the sword's involved :

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