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[Old] Roleplay Two
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Posted 5/26/11 , edited 5/30/11
This is the RP page for the second RP. Please don't post unless your character has been approved.

Guardian Positions Taken So Far:
Queen: Nana Ruu (abbly_77)

Middle School:
Princess: Sakura Hanasaki (xXSakura-chanXx)
Heart: Natsumi Asuka (ariazzfairy)
Spade: Katsumi Asuka (ariazzfairy)
Clover: Saori Achimu (marshmellowsnail2)
Diamond: Kimi Ruu (abbly_77)
Sun: Mikoto Mitsoyu (marshmellowsnail2)
Moon: Raina Hanasaki (xXSakura-chanXx)
Posted 5/27/11 , edited 5/27/11
*doorbell rings*
Saori: *answers door*
Mikoto: Hi! I'm Mikoto, your new neighbour!
Saori: Mikoto-chan?
Mikoto: Wha- wait Saori?? Is that you??
Saori: Hi Mikoto! I missed you!
Mikoto: Oh my gosh! SAORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you so much but I lost your phone number so I couldn't stay in touch- how are you??
Saori: ...wait, what are those?
Koro: Hi!!!
Kuto: Great to meet you! *smiles*
Kai: Mikoto-chan she has eggs...and they're very close to hatching.
Saori: What... you mean these? *pulls out eggs. One is yellow striped and one is pink spotted*
Mikoto: Yeah! Let me tell you about them...
*they go inside*
Saori: Guadian characters?
Koro: Yeah!!!
Saori: Wow... I suppose they came from when I wished I could heal that dog...
Mikoto: What dog?
Saori: Did I ever tell you... *blushes* I-I want to be a vet. Pretty dumb, right?
Mikoto: No way! I want to be a patisserie. That's what Koro, Kuto and Kai were born from.
Saori: Guardian characters...who I want to be...
Mikoto: Yeah!
Saori: When I found these eggs...I was unsure of who I wanted to be but now...I think...You've given me the courage to be sure!
*cracking, both eggs hatch*
Yona: Hello, I'm your shugo chara.
Yuchi: He-hello *blushes* Nice to meet you *smiles*
Saori: My shugo...charas...
Yona: *Talks to pot-plant* How are you today? Yes, that's good. I'm Yona. How's the photosynthesis going?
All: ...
Saori: That's MY shugo chara!?
Mikoto: That's YOUR shugo chara!?
Koro and Kuto: NICE TO MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kai:, nice to meet you *blush*
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Posted 5/27/11 , edited 5/27/11
((Ok, just so you know- Raina and Sakura are sisters =P))
Sakura: *Shakes Raina* Hey, wake up! Raina!
Raina: *Groans* I...don't wanna...yet...
Sakura: *Tips her out of her bed* You don't have a choice. My charas sense an x-egg. We have to go. They said it's bigger than usual so it's probably more than one.
Raina: *Bolts up* What!?
Sakura: You heard. Hurry up and get dressed, then we'll go. Oh and you can cleanse this time- Akaru wants to charanari.
Raina: Sure!
Makoto: Yay! I haven't been in a charanari with Raina-chan in ages...
Hinata: That's because you're a weakling *Laughs mischievously*
Raina: Be quiet you two! *Is finished getting ready* *Runs to the door with Sakura* Let's charanari before we go outside.
Sakura: Hmmm, okay. Akaru, let's go!
Akaru: Sure!
Sakura: *Transforms into Book Worm*

Sakura and Akaru: Charanari, Book Worm!
Aruto: *Sigh* I wish it was MY turn...
Makoto: Raina, let's charanari too.
Raina: O-okay. *Transforms into Light Star*

Raina and Makoto: Charanari, Light Star!
Sakura: Okay, now- Aruto says it's in the direction of...our new school.
Raina: What...? You're not serious...
Sakura: Yes I am. Completely serious. Let's start heading there. You can fly so, can you carry me there?
Raina: Of course. *Grabs Sakuras arms* Okay, let's fly. *Takes off and heads towards school*
Posted 5/27/11 , edited 5/28/11
Kai: Wait...Mikoto-chan!
Mikoto: What is it Kai?
Kai: An X egg!
Mikoto: OK! My heart...UNLOCK!!
Mikoto and Koro: Charanari: Cookie dancer!
Saori: Huh? Where'd Mikoto go?? Who are you??
Mikoto: This is a charanari. You can do it with your shugo charas. Me and Koro just did it. You can do it too!
Saori: Ok, um, My heart: UNLOCK!
Saori and Yona: Charanari: Strange Rabbit!
Mikoto: Let's go!
Saori: Wait...why are we doing this?
Mikoto: There's an X egg. It's a shugo chara egg with the dream given up on. The egg gets an X on it.
Saori: Ok! Where's the X egg?
Mikoto: Near my new school!
Saori: Let's go!
*both run towards school*
Saori: This is the way to my school!
Mikoto: No way? Your school must be my new school!!
Posted 5/29/11 , edited 5/29/11
OOC: Natsumi and Katsumi are twins and have entirely opposite personalities.

Natsumi: Come on! Katsumi! You're going to be late for school again!
Katsumi: Natsumi, you know thats not true... you have soccer practice and you'r-
Natsumi: What are you saying Katsumi? We have to go now! *Natsumi's smiling and bouncing around trying to getting her stuff ready while Katsumi is writing extra essay pages with everything ready by her side*
Katsumi: Wait! But I want to finish my extra essay pages... And I'm not the one that has soccer practice in the mornings *Katsumi said in her head.
Natsumi: Oh, doesn't matter! You're always going to get an A++ even if you don't do extra pages! Now, lets go!
Katsumi: But...
Nami: *whispers* Ka-chan... you really should go with Natsumi... I sense some X-Eggs around the soccer field, and what if a bunch of X-Egg shows up here? You can't defend them all!If you go with Natsumi you'll have a companion helping you, thats your energetic twin sister that's too optimistic for any X-Egg to damage her.
Sora: Yup, I can bet you 10 fruitcakes that what Nami-chan predicted was true...
Natsumi: Oh, here it is! Now, I'm ready! Okay, Katsumi! We're off!
Katsumi: Wait! Whaaaaa! *Natsumi pulls Katsumi behind her as she races off towards the soccer field*
Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/30/11
Saori: Here! The X egg is at the soccer field!
Mikoto: Right!
Saori: do I fight it off?
Mikoto: Um...just do what feels natural...look! There it is! Watch me!
Dramatic cookies!
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Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/30/11
OOC: Nana and Kimi are sisters. Rina is there cousin.

Nana: Rina-chan is never gonna come!!!!
Kimi: Nana chill! She'll come soon. i hope... She suppose to show us around our new school.
Nana: I know and we start 2morrow!!
*knock on door*
Rina: Im here!!!! Wow your new house is really big!!!
Nana: i know right! I love it! *twirls around* So are we going now??
Rina: Right lets goo!
Rei: *whispers: Rina i sense charas near by.*
Michiru: *whispers: So do i! I feel four are here!*
Rina: *giggles thats why they moved here i told their mom that the education here is better then where they come from. So they thought it was a perfect time to move so they came here and now we can see each other everyday!
Nana: Rina-san who are u talking to???
Rina: Ahh no one *giggles*
Kimi: Umm Rina can u come into my room? I have something to show u..
Rina: oh okay~! *walks to Kimi's room* So whats the problem?
Kimi: Umm the egg hatched! *smiles and jumps up and down*
Rina: really!? Thats sooo awesome whats her name when did she hatch?
Kimi: Last night when i was playing with Nana and my dad! Nana doesnt know she has none yet that i can see...
Rina: Thats fine im sure her while come soon i can fell it!
Kina: Hey wats up!? Im Kina-chan Kimi's Chara!
Rina: Hey Kina! Im Rina and this is Rei and Michiru-chan my two charas! Nice to meet you
Both: Hey Kina-chan Welcome to earth!! And we are very pleased to meet you.
Kina: Thanks its nice to meet you Rina-san, Rei-san and Michiru-san!
Kimi: Awww you have 2!! Thats sooo cute i have another one but she still didnt hatch I'll wait for her!
Rina: Well thats good so lets go to the school now!
*walks out with Kimi and Nana holding on to their arms.*
Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/31/11
OOC: Ayumi is Natsumi and Katsumi's adopted sister that they adopted about 2 months ago, but they never really see her around.

Katsumi: Ahhh!! Natsumi!! Slow down!!
Natsumi: No, Katsumi I can't! Or else, you'll be late!
Nami: *Sigh* Ka-chan, I think you should just go with Katsumi-nii.

*They arrive at the Soccer Field only to see Ayumi there, scoring goals by herself and Aya and Hana beside her*

Ayumi looked up and smiled, then frowned, turned around and then ran up to where Natsumi is: Not now... Katsumi... I sense a X-Egg or X-Chara over here...
Natsumi: Uh... okay, I've heard of them, but what do I do?
Katsumi: Ya... *bites her nails and keeps turning her head around* what should we do?
Ayumi: Oh, don't you worry, just follow my example- okay, I haven't Chara Changed with you for some time now, Hana, will you do the favor?
Hana: Oh yes! I would love too!
Ayumi: Okay, here we go! Prima Starlight!

Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/31/11
X egg: *hatches* Black snowball!!
Saori: Ah!
Mikoto: Saori! Dramatic cookies!
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Posted 5/31/11 , edited 5/31/11
Rina: *See's X-eggs* Ahh not this again! Watashi no kokoro UNLOCK! Cara nari: Violin princess!!

Nana: *stares * That was awesome i wanna do that to!!! Rina teach me!!
Rina: Not now Nana. but soon! Just goo! And hid!!! Violin Melody!! *purify's the x-egg hiding in the bush.*
Kimi: Cool!!!! Watashi no kokoro UNLOCK!! Cara nari Sports Queen!!

Wow this is cute!
Kina: Okay Kimi this is our first time but you must concentrate okay!?
Kimi: Okay! Rainbow Throw!! *throws a rainbow colored ball near Mikoto and Saori. Traps the x-chara*
Posted 5/31/11 , edited 6/1/11
Ayumi: Okay, Han- Ahh!! *X-Egg knocks Ayumi over* wow, this Egg is powerful.
*X-Egg hatches*
Ayumi: -_- oh GREAT... okay, *dispels Charanari* srry Hana, we'll do it sometime later, k?
Hana: Oh thats fine with me!
Ayumi: Okay, Aya, here we go! UNLOCK! Starry Flash!
Natsumi: Wow! You're sooo good!
Ayumi: thanks! okay, X-Chara! time to calm down! Rue's Lullaby! ((SUCH A GOOD SONG!! and soo sadd too... the book made me cry when Katniss sang this song... ))
Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/1/11
Mikoto: *to Ayumi* Yay thanks!!!!!!!!!!
Saori: Um...thankyou!! *blushes*
Mikoto: My name's Mikoto and this is Saori. What's your name?
Koro: Hi!!!!! Great to meet you!!!!!!
Kuto: Yeah!!
Kai: Er...thanks *blushes*
Yuchi: H-Hi......
Yona: It's a pleasure. Now...*talks to passing dog* Hello. My name is Yona, how are you? That's good.
All: Huh?
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Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/1/11
Kimi: Sorry if i hurt you! *screams to Mikoto and Ayumi*
Rina: Kimi its okay i dont think you hurt them
Kimi: oo well i just wanted to make sure.
Rina: Hey i know her its... Ayumi-chan! Ayumi-chan hiii! *waves* Its been so long since we saw each other!
Rei: you should come out of charanari.
Rina: oo right. *comes out*
Michiru: that was fun! ^-^
Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/2/11
Ayumi: You're welcome! *to Mikoto* and Rina!! *waves back* long time no see!! How are you?
Katsumi: *fumbles with her glasses and blushes* th-thank you...
Natsumi: *Flips and jumps and does all sort of acrobatic stuff while running towards Rina, then smiles and sticks out her hand* Hi! I'm Natsumi! and this *points to Katsumi* is Katsumi! My twin sister! And Ayumi *turns to Ayumi who is right beside her* I think you know already! ^^ Nice to meet you!
Nami: *sigh* Natsumi is soo outgoing and has sooo much energy as usual...
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Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/2/11
Rina: *smiles* Im great! How are you!? Nice to meet you im Rina.*shakes hand* Yup i know her and dats so cool having a twin!
Kimi: H-hi im um... Im Kimi Rina's cousin.
Nana: *buts in* And im Nana! Kimi's little sister! *she looks up at the new people she met*
Rina: Soo do u guys wanna go out for some ice-cream now dat were done? *smiles*
Nana & Kimi: I do!!
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