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[Old] Roleplay Two
Posted 6/2/11 , edited 6/2/11
Mikoto: YAY we'll come!! Right Sa-chan?
Saori: Um yeah, sure...*blush*
Koro: YAY new friends!!!!!!
Kuto: It's nice to meet you *smiles*
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Posted 6/2/11 , edited 6/2/11
Rina: okay good den lets go!! *pushes Kimi and Nana forward so they can talk and make new friends. While she talks to Ayumi-chan*
Kimi: *blushes* Nice to meet you to
Nana: Im Nana!!!! What are your names? She asked curiously.
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Ayumi: So Rina, I never knew about your cousins XD
Natsumi: Hi Nana! I'm Natsumi and *points to Katsumi again* is Katsumi my twin sister, nice to meet you! ^^
Katsumi: Hi... I-I'm Katsumi... *blushes* What may I call you?
Sora: Bonjour! I'm Sora! Nice to meet you!
Nami: Heellllooooo!!! (in a singing voice) I am Nami! ^^ Katsumi's first Chara, nice to meet you!!
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Posted 6/2/11 , edited 6/3/11
Rina: Hehehe well they just moved here from Europe
Nana: Nice to meet you Natsumi, Katsumi.
Kimi: Nice to meet you Im Kimi. Hey Nami and Sora nice to meet u.
Nana: Who r u talking to?
Kimi: umm i'll tell you later.
Nana: no fair! okay....
Kina: Im Kina Kimi's 1st chara nice to meet you all!
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Koro: Hi! I'm Mi-chan's 1st chara, Koro! I love baking, dancing and drama!
Kuto: I'm Mi-chan's last chara, Kuto! I love cute things!
Kai: He-hello. *straightens up* I'm Mikoto's 2nd chara. I'm Kai. What's it to you?
Yona: Hello, pleasure to make all your aquintances. You may call me Yona. I am a servant of the God of Nature.
All: Huh??
Yuchi: H-hi. I'm Yuchi
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Posted 6/2/11 , edited 6/3/11
Kina: *giggles* its nice to meet you all!
Rina: Soo wat flavors would u guys like?
Nana: I just heard an unfamiliar voice.
Kimi: ummm it was probably ur brain playing games.
Nana: No im sure it wasnt!
Rina: I'll tell u everything wen we go home kay Nana?
Nan: okay o nd i'll have chocolate. X3
Kimi" I'll take some strawberry!
Rina: okay then ^-^
Rei: thats gonna b a lot of money Rina.
Michiru: Its okay u forgot Rina's rich! She can pay with cash for everyone or with credit.
Rei: oo true i so totaly forgot cuz she hates talking about it.
Michiru: Yup but how can u forget wen we live in a 5 floor mansion!?
Rei: Well i m soo use to it now plus i never really explored her house
Rina: *ignores wat Rei and Michiru were talking about.*
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(note: The shopkeeper can see charas)
Mikoto: Yay! Glad I brought money...I'll have mint...what would you guys want??
Saori: Um...I can pay you know??
Mikoto: That's ok, this is me paying you back for losing ure phone number
Saori: Ok, I'll have vanilla please...
Koro: Cookies and cream!!!!!!!
Kuto: Strawberry!!!!!!!
Yona: Do they have organic leaf flavour?
All: Huh?????
Kai: Can I have chocolate...
Yuchi: Um...I don't mind *blush*
Mikoto: Ok, Mint, vanilla, cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate, ah..caramel and organic leaf flavour? Does that even exist?
Shopkeeper: ........what a weird chara...... I'll just get some vanilla and put a leaf on it.
Yona: Close enough...
All: Huh?????????????????
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Eri sat at a table near a window in the ice cream parlor. He took a sip his vanilla milkshake while watching the group buy their ice cream. He was entirely bored.
"You should go say hi. Maybe make a friend or two?", Michio whispered to Eri while sitting on his shoulder.
"Nah.", was Eri's immediate response. Then he took another sip of his milkshake.
"What if you're meant to be friends? It could be fate.", Michio tried to reason, in his own way.
Eri almost looked like he was considering it for a second, but soon said, "No."
Michio sighed. "Would it kill you to put a little more effort in your social life?", he asked sarcastically.
"Probably.", Eri responded. His expression hadn't changed at all since the start of the conversation; he had an ultimate poker face.
Michio, however, looked thoroughly disappointed. He tried to pretend that conversation hadn't even happened, and he went back to eating his ice cream cone.
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Mikoto: Yum! Mint!
Koro: Cookies and cream!!!!
Kuto: Everyone knows strawberry is best.
Kai: No, it's chocolate.
Charas: *start arguing*
Koro: Cookies and cream!
Kai: Chocolate!
Kuto: Strawberry!!
Mikoto: Whoa guys, break it up.
Saori: Awkward...
Mikoto: Break it up, guys. Wait-that kid over there! He has a chara!? Let's go talk to him...
*All head towards the table where Eri is*
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Eri sees them coming closer.
"Michio...", Eri whispers towards Michio.
"What?", Michio whispers back.
"They're coming over here..."
"I know."
"Why are they coming over here?"
"To talk to you, probably."
Michio didn't answer. He only smiled triumphantly and licked his ice cream cone.
Eri appeared puzzled for a moment, then returned to his usual emotionless poker face and watched the group come over.
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
Mikoto: Heya! I'm Mikoto! What's your name?? You have a chara? That's really cool!
Koro: (to Michio): Heya! I'm Koro and these are my "sisters" Kai and Kuto.
Kuto: Great to meet you!!
Kai: Erm...I suppose you think I'm gonna be nice, squirts. You're too small-both of you, even the chara.
Mikoto: And this is Saori, Yona and Yuchi.
Yona: Pleasure...
Yuchi: H-h-hello! *blush*
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
"Hi.", Eri greeted blankly. He started to stare out the window.
"Hello, this is Eri, and I'm Michio. It's nice to meet you all.", Michio said respectfully.
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Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
*gets to where Mikoto went*
Rina: Hey! Im Rina. This is Michiru and Rei. My charas.
Both: Hello der Eri and Michio. ^-^
Kimi: I-i-im Kimi *she smiles* And this is Kina my chara.
Nana: Hey! watsup!? Im Nana. *still wondering who the charas are and what they look like.* Soooo wats up? *trying to make conversation cuz she doesn't like random silence*
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
"Hello Rina, Michiru, Rei, Kimi, Kina, and Nana.", Michio greeted to each of them. Then Michio looked over at Eri.
Eri started to day-dream, and didn't hear them. He was in his own little world at the moment.
Michio poked at Eri, and tried to get him out of his daze.
Eri didn't respond to the poke.
Michio sighed. "Please forgive Eri, he has some problems with concentrating."
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Ayumi: Oh, Rina I can pay for my own peoples, so guys wat do u want?
Nami: I wanna have chocolate mint!
Sora: Peanut Butter!
Natsumi: Hmm... strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and mint twist!
Nami: wow Natsumi thats gonna be a lot
Natsumi: *shrugs* Ayumi is damn rich... she was and still is a celebrity in north america guys...
Ayumi: *blushes* oh you guys, don't brag... oh rina! can i come to your house sometimes?? heard it was a 5 floor mansion!
Katsumi: Uh... Ayumi, can I get a strawberry?
Ayumi: Oh sure! ^^
*Everyone gets their icecreams and walks over to Rina and everyone else*
Ayumi: Oh another chara! Thats soo cool! Hey! I'm Ayumi!
Natsumi: How are you doing? *sticks out her hand* I'm Natsumi and this *points to Katsumi* is Katsumi, my twin sister! ^^
Katsumi: H-hello... *blushes and fiddles with her glasses*
Nami: Hola amigos! I'm Nami! ^^ Natsumi's first Chara!
Sora: Hi! I'm Katsumi's first Chara! Nice to meet you!
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