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[Old] Roleplay Two
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Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
Nana: OO well i can make him come back to this world! *yells* Eri-chan!!!!! Come back!!! Your on Fire!!! XP
Rina: oh okay ^-^ Yes you can anytime i dont mind! ^-^ *smiles*
Kimi: Nana dont do that! Its mean!
Nana: *ignores her*
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
Eri's eyes widen. "Burning building..!", he yells. "Stop, drop, and roll! Save the family! There's a boy still inside! Get the hatchet!", he continues, then begins making a chopping motion.
Michio watches with a frown.
(Eri has ADHD-PI, as well as Psychosis. He's currently having a hallucination.)
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Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
Nana: *giggles* Silly! There is no fire hahaha see i bought him back.
Kimi: Well you have ur ways Nana.
Rina: *giggles* yeah she does.
Nana: *smiles and runs around in circles* I did it mwahahaha.
Kina: wats the frown for Michio?

(awww. lol XD Nana can act like she has ADHD but she doesnt.)
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11

Michio looks over at Kina. "Well... Eri actually thinks at the moment that he's inside a burning building...", he said sadly.
Eri coughs as if he's in a cloud of smoke. "There he is! Grab him, quick!", Eri commands. "Right!", Eri yells back to himself while making a scooping motion. Eri coughs again. "It'll be alright, little boy.", he says reassuringly, then starts to make a running motion. "There they are!!", Eri yells excitedly. "Oh, my baby!", Eri exclaims with a feminine tone to his voice, appearing to be on the verge of tears. He extends his arms, then makes a cradling motion. "You're a hero!", he exclaims again in the feminine voice. "All in a day's work, ma'am.", he then said in a male voice, and made a motion as if tipping an imaginary hat. Then he closed his eyes, and reopened them. Then he sat back down as if nothing had happened.
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Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
Kina: O well dats bad..
Nana: Hello......! *waves hands around his face.
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
Eri was out of his hallucination by the time Nana waved her hands around his face. "...Hi. Could you stop doing that, please?", he said to Nana.
"Well, the good thing is that most of his hallucinations pass pretty quickly...", Michio told Kina.
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
Natsumi: *peers into Eri's face* Hi! ^^ I just introduced myself a few minutes ago XD, I'm Natsumi, what can I call you?
Katsumi: Y-ya... and I'm Ka-katsumi... Natsumi's twin sister...
Ayumi: I'm Ayumi XD
Nami: I'm Nami! Natsumi's Chara!
Sora: I'm Sora! Katsumi's Chara!
Aya: I'm Aya *smiles brightly* Ayumi's Celebrity Chara! (a.k.a for modelling and acting)
Hana: Hi... I... um, I'm Ayumi's Artistic (a.k.a dancing) Chara.

OOC: Srry, during the time taht Ayumi was buying Icecream I forgot about Ayumi's charas... and ill say this again on roleplay one, but i messed up aya's name on the character page and im changing Aya to modelling and Hana to dancing, Ayumi might have 2 more charas later on.
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/4/11
Mikoto: Yay! I' not sure if you caught our introductions, but I'm Mikoto, and these are my charas: Koro, Kuto and Kai. And this is Saori and her charas Yona and Yuchi.
Koro: Yay! Nice to meet you!!
Kai: Still...your so small.
Kuto: It's nice to meet you desu!
Saori: Yeah...
Yona: Yes.
Yuchi: Um...H-hi *blush*
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/4/11
"Hello everyone, my name is Yugi Mutou. It's nice to meet you.", Eri lied as a greeting.
Michio sighed again. "I already told them your name, Eri.", he said.
"Darn. Then I guess I'm Eri Hisato again.", he said, disappointed.
(XD he wanted to be yugi)
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Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/4/11
Nana: *stopped waving her hands around* Hehehe Im Nana and i have no idea what charas r nd i dont think i have 1 yet X) And nice to meet you Eri-chan.
Kimi: And im Kimi this is Kina.
Rina: *smiles and finished her ice-cream* Nice to meet you Eri.
Posted 6/4/11 , edited 6/4/11
Ayumi: Nice to meet you Eri. *smiles*
Nami and Sora together: Nice to meet you Eri-chan!
Natsumi: Hi Eri-chan! ^^
Katsumi: Hello Eri... *looks down*
Aya: Bonjour Eri!
Hana: Hi Eri-chan!
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Posted 6/4/11 , edited 6/4/11
Rina: Soo wen would you like to come over? So that i can get fun stuff and games ^-^
Rei: Hey Eri.
Michiru: greets Eri and Michio.
Nana: *starts eating her ice-cream*
Posted 6/4/11 , edited 6/4/11
(So, is it actually true that they're making Shugo Chara Encore into an anime now? =D 'Cause that would definitely be awesome.)
"Yes, yes, hello, hello. All that nonsense. Now I need to go take care of that X-Egg outside.", Eri said, standing up. Then he threw his milkshake in a nearby trash can and ran out the back door and to the park.
"Right, well, see you later everyone!", Michio said before following Eri.
"Watashi no kokoro, UNLOCK."
"Chara nari, Light Priest!"
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Posted 6/4/11 , edited 6/4/11
( yup it is they have it dated for December of this year!)

Rina: What another x-egg?
Nana: whats dat!?
Kimi: Ugghhh ur to young to understand! I'll tell u later but for now i think we should help Eri.
Kina: Kimi has a point lets go help him.
Rina: B-but we just defeated a couple like an hour ago I dont wanna gooooo.
Rei: Rina-chan pull urself together!
Michiru: how bout we let Kimi and Eri take care of that x-egg
Rina: Good idea! Well see if they can handel it by hiding on behind the bush's.
Kimi: okay um Watashi no kokoro UNLOCK! Chara nari Sports Queen!

*runs behind Eri."
Nana: I wanna go!!!
Rina: no its to dangerous you can hid with me or stay here eating the ice-cream.
Nana: Fine i'll stay. Dont go to far.
Rina: dont wrry i wont ^-^
Posted 6/4/11 , edited 6/4/11
Saori: Should we go Mi-chan?
Mikoto: I think those two might be able to handle it...
Koro: Awww....I wanna fight X eggs!
Kuto: You wouldn't get to anyway. Mi-chan's gunna charanari with me next.
Koro: Nuh-uh. It's gunna be me.
Kai: You girls have both got it wrong. It's me.
*Charas start fighting*
Yona: What a waste of time...
Yuchi: Um...M-maybe you could stop fighting guys?
Koro: Shut up, Yuchi.
Kai: Yeah, shut up.
*Charas continue fighting*
Yuchi: *shocked* Hey wait a second!
*charas stop, look at Yuchi then the four of them start yelling*
Mikoto: Oh, shut up guys.
*charas ignore Mikoto*
Saori: I had no idea Yuchi was like that...although I suppose around people I know well like friends and family...I have fights with them. Maybe it's the same for Yuchi.
Mikoto: Maybe...
*Yelling dies down, charas are sulking*
Yona: Finally, some peace...
*charas look at Yona and start yelling at her. Yona starts yelling back. The charas start to take sides...*
Koro: Well at least I don't eat leaf flavoured ice cream!
Kai: Yeah!
Yona: At least I don't stuff my face and get FAT!!
Koro: You can't even bake! Yuchi can't look anyone in the face without blushing!
Yuchi: WELL I AM NOW, AREN'T I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kuto: Guys, please calm down a little...this has gotten out of hand...
Charas: SHUT UP KUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE A GOODY-TWO SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kuto: *starts arguing, it turns into a massive cat-fight.*
Mikoto: Right, that's it. Aren't you 5 ashamed of yourselves! I don't even know what you're fighting over now!
Charas: ...
Kuto: I can't remember...
Kai: Yeah...
Yona: We were all so busy fighting each other that we forgot...
YuchI: *blushes* I'm so sorry, guys!
Koro: M-me too...I'm sorry.
*charas all apologise*
Mikoto: Much better! Now let's see how Eri and Kimi are going.
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