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[Old] Roleplay Two
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Posted 6/10/11 , edited 6/11/11
((OMG I'm so sorry guys...I sort of forgot to repost...I'm really bad =P Let's just pretend that I was the silent person who was there the whole time and never said anything- like a ghost xD))
Sakura: We better get home too, Raina. It's getting late and we have our first day of school tomorrow.
Raina: O-okay *Nods*
*All walk back home together*
~Next Day~

Sakura: *Shakes Raina to wake her up* Raina! Get ready! We're running late! *Races to get dressed and eat breakfast*
Raina: *Groans* Fine...*Starts getting dressed*
Sakura: Hurry up! Or I'll leave you behind!
Raina: *Finishes getting dressed**Grabs bag* Come on Makoto, Hinata. Let's go.
Makoto: Okay!
Hinata: Why do we have to even go to school...*Grumpily follows Raina and Makoto*
Sakura: Great! Now we can go!
Raina: *Notices that Aruto and Akaru are missing* Where are your charas?
Sakura: *Opens bag* *Points at charas* They're still sleeping...*Rolls eyes*
Hinata: Why couldn't you let US sleep as long as THEY get to!? You meanie! *Ducks into Raina's bag to hide*
Raina: S-sorry...
Sakura: Anyway...we'll have to run to school now if we don't want to be late...
Raina: *Groan* I HATE running!
Sakura: Well, we have to get up early tomorrow then...Stop complaining and let's go. *Starts running up the hill*
Raina: Hey! Wait up! Don't leave me behind! Sakura!
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abbly_77 wrote:

Rina: *smiles* okay then lets go.
Nana: Yay were going to Rina's house! ^-^ *jumps around Rina*
Rei: *giggles at Nana*
Kimi: Well i have to get going bye! *waves hand*
Kina: *follows Kimi*
Rina: Okay then lets go. It might be a long walk but its not to far from here. *starts walking*

Ayumi: okay! Natsumi, Katsumi, Sora, Nami, Hana, Aya, lets go!
Natsumi: Yay! Lets goo!! XD
Katsumi: o-okay... sure...
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"Where have you been Eri?!", Touya immediately questioned when Eri came in.
"I forget...", Eri replied.
"Eri demanded that we get ice cream, then an X-Egg appeared. Sorry we were late.", Michio explained in place of Eri.
Touya sighs with disappointment. Then he says, "Just eat your dinner and go to bed.", while handing Eri and Michio plates of spaghetti.
Eri and Michio did as they were told.
Touya and Tsubasa went to bed shortly after Eri and Michio were asleep.
~The Next Day~
Touya woke up two hours before school was supposed to start, and took a shower. Then he cleaned the house for a while. After about an hour had passed, he started to cook breakfast and sent Tsubasa to wake Michio and Eri up.
Tsubasa took on the challenge. He flew into Eri's room (Eri had left the door open) and shook Michio awake.
Michio woke up easily. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. "Morning already?", he asked.
"Yup, and I'm going to need your help to wake Eri up.", Tsubasa told Michio.
Michio groaned. "Fine, let's get on with it.", he said, then he flew over beside Eri.
Tsubasa flew beside Eri as well. "Alright, on three. One..."
"Three!", Tsubasa exclaimed, then he and Michio shoved Eri out of bed and onto the floor.
Touya heard a loud thump, and smiled, knowing Eri was up for school.
Eri fell to the floor, and his eyes flew open. Then he looked up to see Michio and Tsubasa floating above him. He sighed and checked the calender.
"Good morning, Eri.", Tsubasa greeted.
"'Morning.", Eri responded sleepily.
"It's your first day of third grade, you know.", Michio reminded.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever.", Eri said, not excited at all. Eri got dressed and ready for school, then went downstairs.
Touya already had breakfast prepared and on the table, and was sitting at the table waiting when Eri came downstairs. "Good morning, little brother.", he greeted with a smile when Eri came into the kitchen.
"Good morning, Touya.", Eri greeted back, then he sat down for breakfast.
Tsubasa and Michio sat down at the table, too.
"Itadakimasu.", everyone said in unison, then they all ate their breakfast and put their plates in the sink when they finished.
Touya looked at the clock. "It's time to go to school, is everyone ready to go?", Touya asked while standing at the door.
"Yup.", Tsubasa answered, then he sat on Touya's shoulder.
"Michio and I are ready, too.", Eri answered for the both of them before putting his backpack on.
"Alright, let's go to school then.", Touya said.
All of them walked to school, and the group seperated only when Touya had to go to the middle school.
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Mikoto *sees Eri and Michio* Good morning Eri!!!
Kuto: Good morning Michio!
Koro: Heya!
Saori: G-good morning *blushes*
Yona: Good morning.
Kai: Hello squirt.
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Ayumi walks with Natsumi and Katsumi to school. Ayumi was checking her watch when she bumped into Touya.
Oh! I'm sorry I was checking my watch and didn't see you. *looks confused*
Did I see you before? Anywhere? In school? Wait... isn't your name... Touya?
Natsumi: Ooo... you two know each other?
Katsumi: um... Natsumi... I think I saw him too...
Natsumi: *looks around at Katsumi* huh? why am I the only one that never seen him?!?
Sora: *whispers to Nami* well maybe thats because all she sees is sports, sports, sports
Nami: *nods* true, true, true,
Hana: *laughs* oh you guys crack me up!
Aya: well, well, well...
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~At the elementary school...~
Michio waves and says, "Good morning everyone!".
Eri looks up at them with a bored expression. "Oh, it's those people from yesterday... shouldn't you be at the middle school..?"
~Over at the middle school...~
"Uh... no I don't recognize any of you... sorry.", Touya says awkwardly.
Tsubasa watches the others curiously, mainly focused on Ayumi. "Yes, Touya is his name, and my name is Tsubasa. What are your names?"
(It's their first day, so Touya doesn't really have any way of knowing them yet.)
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Posted 6/11/11 , edited 6/11/11
Rina: *goes to her school* Ayumi-chan wait up!!
Nana walks with Kimi to there new school.
Nana is in the same class as Eri. "Hello Eri we meet yesterday."
Posted 6/11/11 , edited 6/11/11

Eri gasps with surprise when Nana says hello. "*gasp* Another person... Oh, wait. You're the little girl that set me on fire, aren't you?"
"Hello Nana-chan, hello Kimi-san, and hello Rina-san. Good morning to you all.", Michio greeted.
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Posted 6/11/11 , edited 6/11/11
Nana thinks about it for a while. " No i just yelled 'Fire!!!'" she giggles at the memory.
All: "Hello and good morning to you too" ^-^ they smiled back.
Posted 6/12/11 , edited 6/12/11
Eri said while starting to walk to class, "It's the same thing to an insane person.".
Michio waved "goodbye" to the others and followed Eri to the classroom.
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Nana try's to ignore him " Naah. whatever" Nana walks behind Eri to get to class.
Rina and Kimi waved goodbye and went to their classes.
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Mikoto: Well, I came to see my little sister off. Sa-chan came because she follows me everywhere...
Mikoto's sister: Bye sister!!
Mikoto: have a good day! Uh-oh, we're gunna be late Sa-chan...where'd everyone go?
(Mikoto just had a moment when she realised no-one was listening to her)
Oh shoot. Hehehe...

Saori: *laughs* I'm glad Mi-chan is back
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Nana sits in the desk behind Eri. While she was busy thinking about what after school activity she would like to take, an egg came out towards her and hatched.
" Hello Nana. Im Nari your cheer-chara."
Nana looks at Nari in shock. " H-hii Nari its nice to meet you and i cant believe your finally out. You have been in your egg for many days now."
" I know. Its because you weren't ready for me to come out until now."
Nana gets happy at finally meeting one of her chara's while the other is still in her egg. She stays still all day trying not to explode from the excitement.
Posted 6/14/11 , edited 6/15/11
+Elementary School+
Eri wasn't paying attention to class at all. He stared out of the window, having another daydream. He didn't even notice Nari hatch.
Michio was sitting on Eri's desk, listening to the teacher. He looked back and saw Nana's egg hatch. He smiled with excitement and flew over to Nana's desk. "Congratulations, Nana!", Michio said, smiling. Then he looked over at the newborn chara. "It's nice to meet you, my name is Michio.", he introduced, then bowed to the chara.
-Middle School-
Touya diligently listened to his teacher.
Tsubasa helped by taking notes.
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Posted 6/15/11 , edited 6/15/11
Nana Thanked Michio.
" Nice to meet you Michio Im Nari" She also bowed to show respect.

-Middle school-
Rina and Kimi were walking to the main office so she can get her room number and schedule.
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