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Posted 5/26/11 , edited 5/27/11
This is a game in which if you are a boy, you add 1 and if you are a girl, you subtract 1.

Person #76: -67 (female)
Person #77: -68 (female)
Person #78: -67 (male)

Also, for evey 50 forum pages, the first person who posts on that page can add 50 or subtract 50 depending on his or her gender. (+ for boys and - for girls)

I will post below the link to the page everytime a gender reaches an increment of 100. (100, 200, 300, etc. or -100, -200, -300, etc.)

This post does not count! But lets start with 0 anyways. DO NOT post more than once in a row.

This game is thanks to hamster3boy from click critters.
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