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[GAME] Amuto Story!
Posted 6/15/11 , edited 6/16/11
Em: *grabs Kiseki*
(well Michel can see them, so maybe he should have some)
Kiseki: "Put me down, you worthless commoner!"
Shuun: *evil eye* "You say something?"
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 8/10/11
(ok what are their names?)
Shuun: *pulls out duck tape with a evil smile* Well?
Em: And where are you going?
Kiseki: Unhand me and I will tell you, you worthless commoner!!!
Em: Tell me then I'll unhand you, baka!
Kiseki: Fine I'm going after the other chara's that you made get away. *points the direction where the other charas went*
(what kind of charas does em have?)
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/17/11
(what's michel's personality? Shuun is my wish to make people happy by fighting for them and Setsuko is my wish to make people happy with music)
Em: "Hahaha you spoke first so I'm not letting you go!"
Kiseki: "What do you want with me, you worthless commoner?"
Em: "Who were you born from?"
Kiseki: "I will not leak information to the enemy!"
Shuun: "Oh really?"
*five minutes later*
Em: *chara changed with Shuun and jumping from building roof from building roof*
Kiseki: *trapped in a bag at Em's hip with his mouth covered in duct-tape* "MMM! MMM!"

Amu: *enters house to see her Mom and Dad waiting for her*
Mom: "Amu..... You're late."
Amu: "But-"
Dad: "Where did you go that took you so long?"
Amu: "Well-"
Dad and Mom: "We trusted you! You're grounded!"
Amu: "But.. but..."
Mom: "No buts young lady. go to your room."
Amu: "Fine." *goes to room*

Em: "Let's see... Tadase Hotori.... Hotori, Hotori.." *reads names on houses*
Kiseki: "MMMMM! MMMMM!"
Em: "Oh, be quiet! I'm taking you home." *reads name* "Oh! Here it is." *Take Kiseki out of bag*
Kiseki: *silent*
Em: *walks up to front door* *takes ductape off Kiseki*
Kiseki: "You worthle-"
Em: *dumps Kiseki in mail slot* *rings doorbell* "See ya. Send my regards." *begins walking away*
Tadase: *in his room* *hears doorbell* "Who comes at this time?" *goes to door* *opens* *sees brown hair vanish around corner*
Kiseki: "Tadase!"
Tadase: "Kiseki? Where are you?" *opens mail slot* "What happened?"
Kiseki: "That girl held me hostage!"

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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 8/10/11
(well hes honest and a little cranky at times. hes sorta like Kairi Sanjou you know not really outgoing and stuff)
Tadase: Hostage.......For what?
Kiseki: Well.......... *explains*
Tadase: What were they doing, anyway?
Kiseki: They said they where spying on her and her chara's.
Tadase: SHE HAS CHARAS?!?!
Kiseki: Well they were the ones who put ductape on my mouth!!!
Tadase: Take me to her.


Amu: *grumbles in her room*
Ikuto: *enters her room threw the balcony window* Amu........What's wrong?
Amu: *glears at Ikuto* I'm grounded because OF YOU!!!!!!!
Ikuto: Me.......What did I do?
Amu: Because of you I fell in the river and Em had to dry me off!!!!!!
Amu's mum: Amu, who are you talking to up there?........No cell phone usage OK remember your grounded!!!!
Amu:YES MUM!!!!!!


Tadase: *runs to where Em is*
Kiseki: This way!!!
Tadase and Kiseki find Em by the river where Amu fell
Kiseki: THERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!
Em: *looks at Tadase* Oh hello. You should take better care of your chara you know
Shuun: *flies in front of Kiseki* DON'T TALK TO HER LIKE THAT WANNA-BE PRINCE!!
Tadase: *chara changes and flames surround him* I AM NO MARE PRINCE I AM KING AND I WILL TAKE OVER EARTH!!! MHUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Em and Setsuko:
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/18/11
(maybe we should have a scene where his charas are born and he realizes everyone around him has charas too. It's too late to pretend he's had them the whole time.)
Em: *flaming* "Setsuko? Shuun?"
Setsuko: "Yes?"
Shuun: *startled* "What?"
Em: "Cover your ears."
Shuun: "Why?"
Em: "Just do it." *creepy smile*
Shuun and Setsuko: *cover ears*
Em: *muted screaming*
Em: "Guys, shut your eyes too."
Setsuko: "Don't leave evidence please."
Shuun and Setsuko: *shut eyes*
Em: "Done. You can open them now."
Shuun and setsuko: *open eyes to see Tadase knocked out on the ground*
Em: *wipes hands together* "Didn't even leave evidence. Now how should we send him home?"
Michel: *walks up* "What are you doing?"
Em: *sparkle smile* "Tadase here passed out, and I have to take him home. He's much too heavy for me to carry alone, so can you help?"
Michel: "Sure, I guess. What's in that bag?"
Em: *touches bag at hip with squirming Kiseki inside* "Nothing!"
Michel: "Whatever." *Picks up Tadase's arms*
Em: *picks up Tadase legs and begins walking him home*

Amu: "Get out."
Ikuto: *comes really close* "You sure?"
Amu: *whisper yells* "Yes!"
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 8/10/11
(this has sorta turned into a em and Michel story then amuto story )
Ikuto: *hugs Amu* Don't be like that, kitten
amu: *blushes and whispers angrily* Well....You got me into this so you better can get me out
Ikuto: *hugs her more* I'm sorry I will call your mum that its my fault and not yours.....OK
Amu: Well it just better work

Em: *holding Tadase's legs and walking* Michel......How come you can see chara's but you don't have one?
Michel: Well.....I do have one
Em: *drops Tadase's legs* REALLY?!?!?! LET ME SEE!!!!!
Michel: *still holds Tadase's arms* Well.......He's just an egg
Em: I WANNA SEE IT!!!!!!!
Michel: *struggles to hold Tadase any longer* Listen if you help carry your boyfriend home ill show you
Em: HES NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michel: *sarcastically* Sure he's not
Em: *sighs and picks up Tadase's legs* Lets just get it over with
*They reach Tadase's house*
Michel: *leans Tadase on a stand on his porch* Ring the doorbell
Em: OK OK *rings doorbell*
Michel and Em run away
Michel: OK OK wait a sec *goes in pocket and takes out a blue egg superman S on it* Here it is
Em: Why does it look like superman?
Michel: 'Cus I want to help people like superman
Em: OK...........Weirdo
Michel: I heard that
Em: *feels something kicking in her waist bag* {thoughts: Oh I forgot Kiseki} *takes him out the bag and throws him to his house*
Michel: What was that?
Em: nothing
Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
Amu: "and don't you dare call her from my room, this roof, or anywhere in a 10ft radius."
Ikuto: *leans in even closer* "So you don't like me nearby?"
Amu: "If you call from here, they'll hear you're up here! Now get out, it's late."
Ikuto: (fake)
Amu: "Not gonna work. Get out."
Ikuto: "Fine." *opens window and jumps away*

Tadase: *wakes up to see he's in his room* "What happened?"
Kiseki: "Tadase!" *flies in* "You chara changed, then that girl knocked you out."
Tadase: *emo corner* "I see. I chara changed. Wait, why did she knock me out?" (Me: Because buckets are boring!)
Kiseki: "I think you upset her. But still, that girl is violent."
Tadase: *emo room* (yeah this goes beyond a corner!) "I upset her. I should apologize."
Kiseki: *yawns* "Not right now, it's late."
*the next day*

Amu: *walking to school* *yawns* "I didn't get any sleep."
Suu: "Cuz you were thinking about Ikuto, right?"
Amu: "N-no!" *bumps into someone* "Gomen."
Ikuto: "You really should watch where you're going."
Amu: "Ikuto!"
Miki: "Speak of the devil!" (in case no one says that anymore, it means you were just talking about someone then they came.)
Ikuto: "So you were just talking about me....."
Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
Amu: This could be worst...
Ran: Ah!, look maybe you will be late at school!
Amu: That's right!
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/18/11 , edited 8/29/11
Ikuto: If your gonna be late then I should take you there. I am faster.
Amu: *Starts running* No i'm ok.
Ikuto: *Runs and picks her up bridal style* Sure you are. *smirks*
Amu:*blushes and tries to get out of his grip* P-Put me down!
Ikuto: *Reaches Amu's school* Ok. *puts her down*
Amu: *Blushes to see all her classmates were watching her*
Random Girl 1: KYAAAA Amu's boyfriend is SOOOO CUTE!!!!!
RG2: And older then Amu!!
RG3: Nothing less from the "cool'n'spicy" Amu-chan.
Ikuto: *Smirks* What's wrong my little Amu-koi?
Amu: *Blushes even more* I'M NOT YOUR AMU-KOI!!!!!
Ikuto: *Still smirking and pulls Amu close to himself* Are you sure,Amu-koi?
Amu: *Bell rings and Ikuto lets her go* Bye Ikuto. *runs to class*

Tadase: *Talkes to himself* After school I will tell that girl sorry.
Kiseki: *Flies in front of Tadase's face* Why should the king tell the commoner sorry?! SHE SHOULD TELL YOU SORRY!!!!
Tadase: *Bang covers eyes* No, I was the wrong one. *looks up and sees Ikuto* TSUKIYOMI IKUTO!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!
Ikuto: *Smirks* I just dropped of my Amu-koi.*looks at Amu running to class*
Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
Ikuto: "Better leave now, kiddy king, or you'll be late to class!"
Tadase: *sighs* "As much as I hate to say it, you're right." *walks to class* "I wonder when I can apologize to her."
Amu: *in class* "That caused an uproar...."
girl: "Hey, Amu, who's your boyfriend?"
Amu: 0/////0 "He's not my boyfriend!"
Em: *in middle school* (yeah, i bet that surprises people that she'd go to school!)
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/18/11 , edited 8/29/11
(what school does em go to?)
Amu: *phone vibrates* It's a message *reads message*
Ikuto's text: wen wil b our next date? ur loving boyfriend Ikuto (can i type in slang since they are texting, if you dont like it i can edit it)
RG1: *Reads message out loud* KYAAAAAAAA, you two went on a date all ready?!?!?!
Amu: *Blushes for embarrassment* N-NO WE D-DIDN'T!!!!!
RG2: Then why does it say next date?!
Tadase:*in the room when rg1 read the message* this true?
Amu: Tadase.........yes *bang covers eyes*
Tadase: ok.....well......good luck*runs out the room like this *
Amu: Tadase......... oh well I'll deal with him later, back to Ikuto *reply text*(her text: wat do u mean by next date im grounded remember and UR NOT MY BF)
RG3: *reads her reply out loud again* KYAAAAAAAAAA nothing less from the "cool'n'spicy" Amu
Message from Ikuto: wat do u mean im not ur BF so we r just dating, im OK with dat 2 Amu-koi
RG2: *reads text and tells friend who said it out loud* (they read all the texts and say it out loud basically) This is the best gossip EVER!!
Amu: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! *text back*(her text: WE R NOT DATING EITHER!!!!!)
Ikuto's text: So wat happened last night was not a date and even wen u were wearin dat see-throw top was not part of our date last night?
Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/19/11
(Em is in seventh grade but does not go to Kukai's school)
rg2: *about to read text*
Amu: "Ha!" *ducks out of the way and turns phone off*
*during lunch*
Amu: *nervous*
Tadase: *emo corner*
Ikuto: *staring at dumpty key*
Em: *wandering around city even though she should be at school*

Miki: "Having a nice day, everyone?"
Suu: "No one's actually eating...."
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/19/11 , edited 8/29/11
(ok so she goes to the vocalorid school then how old is em?)
Ran: *looks into space* I'm board.
Miki: *sighs and lies down* Me too.
Su: *looks at Tadase with a worried face* Whats wrong with Tadase-kun ~desu
Ran and Miki: Don't know and don't care.
*during class*
Amu: * stares out the window*
SENSEI: *sees Amu not paying attention* Hinamori-san, is there something wrong?
Amu: *still spaced out thinking about Ikuto* No Ikuto.
SENSEI: Who's "Ikuto"?
RG1: *stands up and shouts*THAT'S AMU-CHAN'S BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!! *points at Amu*
Amu: *comes to reality to that remark and shouts* HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!!
*after class*
SENSEI: Amu is that true.....That you have a boyfriend?
Amu: *bang covers eyes* Yes ma'am.
SENSEI: *grabs Amu and shakes her shoulders* TEACH ME HOW TO GET ONE?!?!?!
Amu: *dizzy by being shacked* H-How m-ma'am?
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/24/11 , edited 6/25/11
can someone continue nya
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19 / My home
Posted 6/25/11 , edited 6/26/11
Amu: I don't know-
Sensei: PLEASE!!!
Amu: O.o
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