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So far...

On the very first day Cross, Kumi, Starr, and Sara (I believe) went to the Guardian's building only to be kicked out. This sparked some fire between the two sides when Dai, Haru, Aya, and Elena kicked them out. What really sparked a fight is when the guardians: Aya, Zack, Elena, attacked Kumi and Launa. After a major battle Kumi and Seth weree able to push them out and most of them were hurt so bad they almost passed out. Zack and Aya after they had recovered assumed someone had tipped off the Easter members. They began looking for a tratior. They expected Haru but they were obviously to Sara . The warrior for the Guardians but also worked for Easter as a singer. Sara and Kumi were talking under a tree that's and that's when Zack chara saw them and they went outside to talk to her. Since Kumi had already been in a fight with the Guardians. Zack and Aya along with a few other Guardians grew weary of Sara. A couple days later the school fair open up and Easter had came to the fair to steal eggs. Almost all the Guardians were they when Eva and Sara tried to steal eggs with the protection of Kumi and Kyle. Many Easter members, like Felix and Lewis, actually picked off stray eggs as this happened. Guardian's began attacking. The Easter members fled; losing this battle. Kumi went to the park afterwards and tricked Arlen, and ended up stealing one of his eggs from him. Arlen fought hard for his egg back, but in the end Kumi became the first person to succeed in decoding an egg and taking it for herself with the new group of Guardian enemies. While Alrne was hurt Miyuki aided him. Lewis chose the next victim to have an egg stolen, Kyle. So Lewis and Kumi attacked Kyle, trying to steal his eggs, but were stopped when Zack and Aya arrived. Kumi was badly injured and Lewis fled, leaving her alone burnt badly. Aya asked Zack to help her take her to the hospital, Zack carried her and they made sure she was okay, even though she is their enemy. Dai kidnapped Aya when he realised she was a Guardian, and almost got away with it until Kyle, Zack, and Ben stopped their plan. The Guardians fled to the hospital. While in the park Lily managed to get healed from the plague, she met Mizu and Roxanne. She headed to the park again and met Takashi and X there. She also saw her guardian, Chris there. Chris and Mr. Unknown got into a fight with each other after Amelia left but they surrendered since neither gained the upper hand. While a few more chara bearers Kaze, Mai, Tara, Miyuki, helped at the fair they've also all been making connections. Even Amelia tried to posion Lily for no more reason other than trying to steal her egg. But Lily got away and was helped by Mizu. Farah, Eva, Mai tried to help Eva after she was injuried but they are still in the works of helping her.

Okay, if you aren't in here that much just repost your on summary of stuff that's happened to you below. Third person or it will be deleted. Thank you~

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