Which shugo chara boy do you like?

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Okay, choose from:





give me as many reasons as you can as to why you like them, and the person with the most will get a surprise!
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KUKAI MY LOVE! *hugs his poster*

I love Kukai <3
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My fav. is Ikuto! I like him because:
1. He has the most impressive backstory
2. His hardships get u to connect with him
3. He is mysterious
4. He's hot!
5. In the beginning of the shows u wonder why:
a. he is on the bad side
b. why does his sis love him so much?
c. what happened between him and Tadase

6. He has a happy ending that he deserved
7. His relationship with I forget the main girl's name(ik I'm a failure as a shugo chara fan) was the most interesting
8. I love his guardian character! I love cats!! nya!
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I can't choose w/ this: Ikuto or Tadase????
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Then give reasons for both and the one with the most is your decision!
please give reasons.....
so far
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I like Nagihiko because...
1.he has a good personality
2.He's so cute
3.He helps people
4.He is a good person
5.I love his hair.(XD)
6.He's nice to Rima when she hates him
7.He's good at giving advice
8.He is always there for people when they need him
9.He wants to be himself
10.He can pull off a skirt(XD jk's)
Bad things
1.He is lying to Amu
2.He pretended to be a girl O.o
3.He can pull off a skirt
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Shaylie33 IS IN THE LEAD! XD
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I Like Ikuto
1.He is so hawt
2.He is a good person
3.Wondering why he is
a.in the bad side but is good
4.He is the perfect man for Amu and me!
5.Hes cool being mean
6.He has a cool personality
7.He has cool hair
8.He has the Dumpty Key that matches Amu's Humpty Lock
He is smexy
10.He has cool clothes
11.He looks rich
12.He always tease Amu
13 He has cool eyes
14 He looks cool in Character Transformation
15 He's Guardian character is cool
16 His dream is cool
17.He makes Amu Blush
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yoru_luvah wrote:

KUKAI MY LOVE! *hugs his poster*

I love Kukai <3

he's always wearing a smile, and he's sporty! sunshine boy.
he's caring too! omgomg. hehehe!
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