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Should we close the group for a while?
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Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/29/11
I made this poll because in here,the Philippines,it's almost time for school and i've been inactive lately.Should I close this group for a while or the members will handle the group?

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Posted 7/15/11 , edited 7/15/11

First off I would like to say;
in the future, don't make polls about whether you should/not close the group ever again!!

Discuss with your staff and find out who are/aren't busy with school and let them watch over the group. If not try to recruit as much as possible (but do watch out for quality of their work, activeness, etc). Maybe if you have nice friends in cr who could help the group by dropping by requesting, playing games, etc.

Also, never say things like "...or the members will handle the group" because I feel that this group seems to have potential and you guys (the staff) are capable of managing the group giving members good experiences with the group rather than having to feel like they have to do things they may not want to do. (

Anyway~ I'm truly sorry if I sound bossy, mean, insulting, rude, random and however else offensive I may sound to you but I had to say it since I know what your group is trying to overcome from my experience also working in a gfx group and also because the group seems cute to me for some reason ♥~!

Sorry this this was lengthy to read??

- Tenshi.

ps;- Please scold Queencess for me she didn't tell me she was a mod here, jks lol. xD Also considering of applying for a position here but unsure of which.
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