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Posted 5/29/11 , edited 5/30/11
The night's full moon gave off a feeling of impending doom. Something was chasing me. I could feel it. But what could it possibly be? The wind blows slowly on the balcony. A lavender sky surrounded dark trees with dark red leaves practically swallowing it, but even though this scene was dark and ominous, there was something else. Something in the shadows. waiting.
The door behind me opens.
"Didn't think I'd find you here, out here these nights... they get dangerous. You should head back in, sir"
A subordinate giving me orders? isn;t that something...
"Leave immediately. That's an order. A subordinate never orders his superior. Leave! Now!"
Fool... thinking he could tell me what to do-- wait... that sound!
The door then burst open spitting fire and ash. The soldiers cap floats out half burnt and covered in ash. An explosion goes off in the distance and slowly the Balcony begins to creek and moan. It's about to tip over!

"I see him! He went this way!" The guerrilla soldier soldier orders his squad to follow him.
Didn't think I'd make it alive after that. The building almost toppled over... I barely had enough time to jump--
"Behind the rubble! there he is!"
Damn they spotted me! Think quickly! They don't call you Gambino "The Boldest" Bambino for nothing! I spotted dead soldier fresh with full equipment a couple paces before me. Great, how convenient! but there was a catch- either i get to the body in time before the soldiers get here or i get there too late and I'm shot to death. A gamble is a gamble. I better make this work!

I dashed for the body and made it only to find that at the same time, the squad of guerrilla solders did too. I'm screwed! wait... To my luck the soldier's pistol was still in the soldier's hand.
"squad shoot!"
Without hesitation i dived for the weapon and shot 3 shots aiming for each of the squad members. To my misfortune I shot none of the soldiers and my incompetence lands me into a pit i slid into from diving. The voices of the guerrilla force fades as I find myself shrouded in the darkness of the pit,

The sounds of the forest awaken me. I crawl out of the pit only to find my base burnt to the ground.

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