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Race: (Human, angel, or demon)
Class: (Guardian angel, holy angel, chaos angel, demon lord, etc.)
Age: (Angels any amount, demons any amount, and humans regular)
Alignment: (Good, bad, or neutral)
Equipments: (i.e. duffel bag, first aid kit, hammer, etc.)
Weapons: (Sword, gun, etc.)
Skills: (i.e. drawing, music, etc.)
Abilities: (Angels and Demons; Two mental abilities, two physical abilities, and two spells)
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Nickname: None.
Race: Angel
Class: Chaos Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 154 Years old. but looks 14.
Height: 4'6'
Weight: 96lbs.

Personality: Lyn has an often friendly demeanor, though she is sometimes intimidating to others. She enjoys teasing people, and often finds pranks and such quite amusing. She can be very cunning, and clever. She's very stern and straightforward, and does not hesitate to state her opinions. She is seemingly harmless, but when provoked, she can easily snap and is prone to become so. She can become a furious warrior when something she believes in is threatened. Though she usually keeps to herself, she can be coaxed to become a rather social and energetic person
Alignment: Neutral

Likes:Blood/gore, sleeping, biting people, most meats, sugar, video games, intentionally pissing people off, canines, flashing lights, glowsticks.
Dislikes: Immaturity, cleaning, reading, her frequent migraines, anything cold or water-related.
Trivia; Lyn happens to be completely colorblind. Everything to her is gray.
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Name: Satsuki Sumino
Nickname: Suki
Race: Angel
Class: Guardian Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 5 feet
Weight: .... 70 pounds
Appearance: Black Hair (short) Blue Eyes, normally wears her uniforms
Personality: Nice, Cheerful, Helpful
Equipments: First Aid Kit
Weapons: 2 swords
Abilites: Can Fly, can read peoples mind, can punch hard, kicks hard, and can make anything with hands
Likes: C O O K I E S
Dislikes: doesn't know what she hates
Fears: Bats

picture of her:

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