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Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/15/08
There is this Short Clip in my classmate's phone that is :: "The Passion of the Christ" That has a sub-music entitled :: "I will Survive" I admit the Clip was really funny but I asked for forgiveness after doing so. My guilt just comes into my spine every now and then.

It was about Jesus that he was singing this "I will survive song" Then at the end he was bumped by a bus.

I'm so sorry guys, but i really want to know what's your comment about Blasphemy since this is one. And we are in the last days.
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Posted 1/15/08 , edited 4/18/08
That's definitely Mass media. That's new media as well. ^__^ It's great to see that many of them respond to that challenge. (Oh no, I'm not happy because so many are anti-christ, but God gave me a heart of good cheer, I simply cannot be upset even after watching those vids. Unupsettable. Does that word even exist? It gives me great encouragement to know that He was faithful when He said that we are unshakable in Him. It also gives me great encouragement to see so many unbelievers, because,

I have confidence in my God in miracles.


Posted 1/15/08 , edited 4/18/08
That was sorta chilling. But the thing is they're gonna face that question one day, whether or not they will take the mark of the devil, I'm praying there's still time for them (and some of my friends). ^.^
God bless.. >.<
Posted 1/15/08 , edited 4/18/08
Oops, my bad.
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Posted 1/16/08 , edited 4/18/08

magnus102 wrote:
The Blasphemy Challenge
I do not know if you would think of this as mass media but there is a LOT of people commiting the sin in response to it.

That's just plain stupid.

Anyway, I think it's ok to make fun of other people's religions, but that challenge isn't funny at all. However, that video where Jesus sings and got hit by a bus is pretty funny. I think Christians should just be ok with the fact that people sometimes make fun of their religion. Same goes for any other religion. But as you all know, is some islamic countries they are not ok with it. Like when there was this major riot about cartoons about Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. They started burning flags and that kind of stuff. That's pure retardism.
Christians are pretty cool when it comes to making fun of them, they don't get mad most of the time. I'd say it's fine to make jokes about atheists too.

But that blasphemy challenge (I never heard of the word blasphemy before, I hope I understand it right, and that it means the same as the word godslastering in my language), that's just.. really stupid.
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