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i am a bandit
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19 / M / boys locker room
Posted 10/3/11 , edited 10/4/11
AHAHAHAAA!!! *blasts my own brains out with a pistol*
Now you'll never have my brains!!!

Give me your shotas or I will have to do nasty things to your brother, father, grandpappy, or male cousin (whoever's cutest)
Posted 10/3/11 , edited 10/4/11
*Whistles for the Fallout Mysterious Stranger*

Give me all your bottle caps, or my friend will appear outta nowhere and down you in one shot with his Magnum, fo' sho'!
Posted 1/9/12 , edited 1/9/12
*gives you my recycling* take it I don't wan it!

Give me some party rings (a type of cookie) or I'll blow your brains out >_< !!
Posted 1/9/12 , edited 1/9/12
but the only type of cookie I know is the cookie LOL

Give me all your stamina or I'll stab your anus with my vibrator.
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