My experiences with manga and so on!
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Posted 5/31/11 , edited 5/31/11
Hi there!.. My name is Erik and have been a manga/anime fan/otaku for the last 7 years~.
Like most of the guys here I probably started out only knowing Naruto.. Soon i stumpled upon Bleach. Although both of them were important in me getting into anime, the coincedence that I found a anime named ''Hand maid May'', it was your standard romance anime, and it was a pretty lame anime to bring me into this world, but thanks to it I started SEARCHING for animes. But that's enough for the past.
Currently I have seen about 400-500 animes, and most of them twice, so I most certainly have more then half a year of ''anime watching time''.. I have also read about 900-1200 mangas and do mark my words that I have read quite a few of them twice or even 3 times.. And I have to say that my tastes have drastically changed throughout the coarse of years to the better. I can in all honesty say that the best time of my life (Of watching anime.) has to come from certain ROMANCE animes (Didn't expect that from a guy eh?..) .. Though not the overly ecchi ones... So do NOT exclude romance animes when searching for a anime to watch (Wellllllllllll... Most of them are rubbish so I can understand it if you want to exclude em.)
I have read many many mangas as said before, and I read mostly manhwas and mangas, there aren't too many great chinese mangas out there, so I'm not even going to mention it... Different from what most of the stereotypical anime/manga fans think is that ''Everything other then Japanese mangas is rubbish and childish'', although it is true for the western comics, it couldn't be more wrong about manhwa... And if the only manhwas you know are romance ones, go and filter the search my ''martial arts'' and you will stumple on some REALLY great ones.. Though there are still some awkward/bad (my opinion.) ones also..
As a veteran anime watcher and manga reader, I totally urge you to move on from the main stream animes and be confined in the limits of crunchyroll.. And if you have no idea what to watch, and can't find any new series. Then just open a anime watching site and read through the descriptions of all of them 1 by 1..
There are many masterpieces in the world of anime and manga, that have stories that will honestly blow you away, sometimes bring a tear into the eye, sometimes make you all heated up and punch the air.. This is the world of anime.

I can't give you advice on what animes to watch, as everyones taste is really different.

So everyone with confidence and experience should also post your experiences here, and share it with us.
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