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Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/1/11
In here, you have a chance to create your own regular customer! Or character. Whatever you wanna call it. :DD Anyway, in here, not only can you roleplay with the hosts, but you can also roleplay with other characters that members created. ^^ Just so you know, you cannot have romantic relations with the hosts (As in, you can't have relationships with them.) because that's how the show works. You can fall for their handsomeness-ness though. =w= You will have a chance to have a relationship with the members created character.

Here's the form:

Username (link):
Character Name:
Class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Sorry if I get these mistaken. ):
Bio (optional):
Picture (optional, and if you put a picture, make sure it's in spoiler.):

Wait for one of our mods or myself approve your character before you start.
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